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now he has an infection

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misdee Sat 11-Jun-11 12:29:11

Tom was castrated last week. we kept the buster collar on for around 5 days until it got too battered and he coiuld remove it.

however Ralph has been licking Tom stitches.

so back to vets this afternoon for anti biotics, and both dogs now have buster collars on.

this is going to be an interesting week.

Tom is meant to be going soon, but until this is sorted i cant let him go as morally its my responsibility although i have already signed the release forms for him.

misdee Sat 11-Jun-11 17:25:30

whooo no antibiotics needed. just a quick clean up, stitches have been removed as they were pulling, and back on tuesday for final check up. and then hopefully i can let the labradoodle trust know its all fine for him to find a new home.

i will miss him.

emptyshell Sat 11-Jun-11 19:09:16

Awww - we had bother with Layton's stitches - his "assets" just weren't deflating like they should have done - cue two trips back to the vet to get it all checked out before they concluded he just was destined to have a slightly flabby scrotum.

Two long weeks of yelling "oi gerroff yer nuts"

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