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Diarrhoea? - rush to the vets today????

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Solo2 Sat 11-Jun-11 08:10:11

Been up the entire night with Rollo (4 month old golden retreiver) who ate loads of cat poo yesterday, some bird poo and goodness knws what else - and started diarrhoea at 10pm...

By 3am, I was sitting on the kitchen floor with him as he rested. However, despite about 8 lots of diminishing loose stools (TMI?), he seems otherwsie fine and was wanting to play in the garden at 6am....which wasn't really what I had in mind after a whole night up in torrential rain, in the garden, scooping up liquid poo!

He's not asleep in his crate, voluntarily and I plan not to give him food today but plenty of water. I think I heard this advice on this forum? Then tomorrow, to give him plain rice and chicken??

Is that about it really or should I rush to the vets, in case he has something really wrong?

He's only had diarrhoea once before (less bad) and I think this was also afetr eating too much poo! Usually, I'm v vigilant about what he puts in his mouth but a neighbour cat has started to use a hole in our lawn fo its toilet and Rollo got to it and devoured happily, before I got to him!

Please advise as I'm in a sleep deprived state, already in the middle of a v busy day with DCs and not thinking straight after about 13 weeks of no more than 5 or 6 hrs sleep a night since we got this gorgeous bundle of golden fur!

Spamspamspam Sat 11-Jun-11 08:20:37

I really don't know - can you ring the vets and ask their opinion? My pup had sickness and diarrhoea on Sunday and I rang a friend who is best friends with a vet and he said as long as my pup was drinking and weeing and not dehydrated then I should starve her for 24 hours then give her chicken and rice for 24 hours and then start feeding her again.

I then rang my vet who said bring her in but not to our surgery to our emergency surgery some 10 miles away - worry is that she might get dehydrated and the cost will be £150.00. Even though I knew she was drinking and weeing I thought to be on the safe side I will take her anyway. I drove to where I thought the emergency vet practice was, sat nav couldn't find it and the place I went to had the same number on. Knocked on the door no-one answered, by then puppy thought she was going on a walk and was bouncing around like a loon so I decided to take her home and ring my vet in the morning. By the morning she was right as ninepence, she was starving at 6.30 in the morning I didn't have chicken and rice prepared so I just fed her her normal food and she has been fine since, was really hungry for about 4 days but is back to normal now.

Key thing for me was that she was weeing and drinking and both vets seemed to indicate this was the major concern.

misdee Sat 11-Jun-11 08:27:02

and also just keep an eye out for blood etc. if pup looks good, is acting ok, then i would just keep an eye.

unless yours has saturday surgery on likemine does, and you feel better taking him. it cost us £70 for ralphies check up and treatment for bloody diahorrea.

we gace ralph scrambled eggs for a day after his bout. but soon after we moved him to the raw food diet and he has never had a poo issue since, except when he eats wax crayons and he poos multicoloured poos

chocolateyclur Sat 11-Jun-11 08:50:27

Plenty of water and small light meals (as others have said chicken, White rice or scrambled egg are fab) and doggy should be fine. Any listlessness or refusal to eat/drink and it may need investigating - or if it goes on longer than a couple of days.

Arrowroot powder (a teaspoonful) in the rice may also help sort out the tummy. I use that with my dogs - it's usually in the home baking section.

Solo2 Sat 11-Jun-11 08:51:48

Thanks. He's still sleeping and I'll keep an eye on him and see how things progress. He hasn't vomited and his poss began as normal but loads and then progressed to looser and looser till he was at that stage when you think you need to go and nothing more comes out.

I presume dogs eat poo from varying sources all the time and don't come to harm - or might he have ecoli or salmonella??

I need to take DCs to a party in a minute and was going on from there to visit a boarding kennels, re. our July hol. But not sure now if I should stay with Rollo and keep watch?

Solo2 Sat 11-Jun-11 13:24:37

I ended up at the vest and was reassured. Rollo is fine but has been given an antibiotic and some 'paste' to settle his tummy and will be on a bland diet for about 2 days. However, the vet thinks he's otherwise fine and it's just typical puppy-eating-everything syndrome!

Hope I get some sleep tonight!

misdee Sat 11-Jun-11 13:30:07

is that the past that looks like marmite.

hope rollo is fine smile

KeepErLit Sat 11-Jun-11 13:33:39

It's always best to check with the vet just to set your mind at rest.

Scrambled eggs are really good after an upset tum (no milk/butter/seasoning) or just plained boiled chicken or white fish with rice. Make sure the rice is boiled in loads of water (2-3 times as much as you'd use normally) and boil for twice as long to make it really mushy. You can add some of the water that the chicken/fish has been boiled in too just to increase his fluid intake <veteran of scavenging squitty dogs>

Hoping you have a more settled night tonight.

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