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pregnant pooch

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Emmery2010 Fri 10-Jun-11 16:36:31

my dog s 64 days pregnant and i'm wondering how long i should wait to bring her to the vet. her temp dropped to 36.4 on sunday but came back up and has been at the same temp ever since. she has been nesting and acting odd since sunday but without pain or panting or anything.
its a small litter of probably 2 or 3 and can feel and see movement. this is her first pregnancy so im super nervous about leaving her alone so have pretty much been house bound since sunday.
what do you all think

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 16:50:56

Take her now, just be sure everything is normal. Be ready for a very expensive vet bill if things go wrong. I'd make sure your credit card is empty if I was you. Be prepard to loose your dog if she has a difficult labour.

Contact a rescue now to help you rehome the pups and for the love of god spay your dog the very second the vet says it is safe.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 16:52:58

Midori is a reputable breeder and poster on here. If you PM her she will have more experienced advice than me on how to deal with a pregnant and nursing bitch.

ThunderboltKid Fri 10-Jun-11 17:03:30

Just out of interest, why do you think she should contact a rescue? She might already have homes lined up for the puppies.

Even if Emmery is not a 'reputable' breeder, this is her first litter, and surely its OK she asks for advice? Enough pregnant woman ask for advice in the 'childbirth' or 'pregnancy' sections, we don't infer that they shouldn't get pregnant until they can do it without asking for advice.

Emmery2010 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:11:41

Thank you thunderboltkid.
i do have homes for the puppies and shall be neutering my dog but chose to let her have a litter before hand. i didnt want to be rude to dooinmecleanin as they did help me out (thanks) but it is annoying that that is the response i get from alot of people.
i know there are alot of dogs out there needing homes my pooch is a rescue pooch herself.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 17:14:24

Yes it's okay to ask advice and I gave advice. I gave her the name of an experienced she could contact and advised her on the best way to rehome the pups.

If this was a planned breeding she would have already seen the vet for health checks prior to having her bitch meet with the stud and would have been given all the vetinary advice she needed then.

It's either an accidental breeding or someone who thought it 'would be cute' to have puppies. If I was in the mood to be nasty, I would also say it could be someone who felt like making a quick £ out of their pet with no regard to their safety, but I not, so I won't.

She should contact a rescue because unsuitable owners are attracted to these kinds of breeders far more than suitable owners are. The rescue will be able to weed out the nasties who want to use the pups as bait in a dog fight. They will also be able to take back the puppy at anytime during it's life should the home break down, to ensure it does not end up in a pound, where it will have 7 days to be claimed before it is destroyed.

In the interests of being nice, I am sorry I am being blunt op. I am sure you didn't mean to put your dog in this situation and you are just inexperienced, but please, before you do this again, look into how many dogs each year are destroyed for want of good homes.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 17:15:45

Your pooch is rescue pooch? Are you sure she is not from a pound? Rescues always spay their dogs before rehoming.

Why did she need to have a litter first?

Emmery2010 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:29:52

my dog has had vet checks, do not want to make a quick buck and did not think it would be cute.
my rescue dog was not at all socialised when i got her and the last stage in her recovery (which i consulted a vet about) was to have puppies to bring out the last bit of her doggy instincts.
she is pregnant with two/three pups two were seen on her last scan.
i was given advice on the pregnancy and followed ll of it but was not given advice on late delivery.
you have made alot of assumptions on a small amount of information.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 17:59:50

shock I have nothing to say in response to that.

Midori1999 is the poster with expertise in this area.

misschenko Fri 10-Jun-11 19:42:01

do you live in the UK? Perhaps I've misunderstood but I've never heard of a vet advising that a dog have puppies to help with socialisation

DogsBestFriend Fri 10-Jun-11 20:04:45

That's one heck of a first post.

Starting at the beginning, which rescue did this bitch come from?

Scuttlebutter Fri 10-Jun-11 20:33:12

I have NEVER heard of any vet advising that a bitch have pups "to bring out her instincts" shock

I'm also astonished that any rescue would rehome a bitch that wasn't already neutered. As others have asked, are you in the UK, and if so, which rescue is the dog from?

Emmery2010 Fri 10-Jun-11 20:46:49

no not uk. obviously the vet didnt use those exact words lol. turns out my old vet was an odd ball as i have been told by my new vet who has told me she is a totally different cross breed to what we were told by last vet. not a manchester terrier cross but a doberman-terrier cross. i told the new vet about the socialisation and he laughed at me so i really do feel silly but i will say that it has made her more playfull and before she was very picky with what she ate he gave her a good look over and she is fine and in the very early stages of labour smile (apart from a pulled muscle in her face from over chewing on a bone)
thanks a million for all your help guys.

Scuttlebutter Fri 10-Jun-11 20:48:36

Good luck with the pups, and hope labour goes well.

Emmery2010 Fri 10-Jun-11 20:55:06

thank you xxxx

Emmery2010 Sat 11-Jun-11 19:58:26

been to vet again all is fine and dandy with el prego but still no pups. how long should i wait before i bring her back to the vet. he said they will be here by the end of the weekend by the looks of it. i was so happy to know she was ok i didnt ask.
i know silly me

midori1999 Sat 11-Jun-11 20:33:08

Sorry, just got your PM, but thought it better to reply here.

Is she 65 days from the first or second (or other?) mating? Also, what days of her season was she mated and did you have her ovulation tested?

Bitches quite often go 66 or even up to 70 days prior to whelping, although 60-64 is most common. The problems you have is all breeds are different and you're not sure what breed she or is a mix of exactly. Also, if she is only having a small litter, that can cause problems with whelping as larger litters mean the uterus contracts more easily and puppies are birthed more easily.

Early labour can last for 24-48 hours. Have her waters broken yet? If she has I would keep a very close eye on her and if contractions don't properly start within 6 hours I would get her to a vet to be checked to be on the safe side because of your own inexperience, the fact the bitch hasn't whelped before and that it is a small litter. It is also possible that your vets will have her in for whelping and this might be something for you to consider in case there is an emergency.

Once she starts having obvious contractions and is pushing, if no puppies are born within an hour she needs to get to the vets as a matter of emergency, the same applies 'in between' puppies too.

Are you aware of what to do during the actual whelping? Has someone experienced/knowledgable gone through this with you?

Emmery2010 Sat 11-Jun-11 21:13:12

she was only mated once at 13 days with no ovulation test
nothing has happened apart from some clear goo which the vet said was normal.
the vet didnt seem too concerned last night.
yes i think i know what to do. i talked to the vet and have read up an awful lot and have everything i may need in a box next to the whelping box.
her temp has started to drop so im hopeful she will have them tonight/ tomorro
if she doesnt i will bring her to the vet first thing monday morning i think.

Emmery2010 Mon 13-Jun-11 11:04:13

two healthy happy pups were born last night and they are beautiful. holly took to it like a duck to water and i dint have to do a thing. im a super proud dog owner. now considering keeping both pups.

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