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How the hell do you get 'instant' recall from exciting distractions ?

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Avantia Thu 09-Jun-11 23:27:00

What is the secret to get recall from exciting distractions ? - How can I make myself more atractive than another young lab to play with ? Smell more interesting than a pile of deer poo ?

DogsBestFriend Fri 10-Jun-11 00:56:42

Liver cake. Works almost ever time, combined with so much excessive praise and fuss when he comes to your call that you look like a complete loon to any non dogowner.

Liver cake smells delicious to dogs (though foul when being cooked) but they find it irresistable. You clearly know that you have got to make yourself by far the most interesting thing on this planet, so much better than investigating the passing pup or nearby rabbit, just find whatever floats your dog's boat. For most, as I said, liver cake does it though a toy or ball might be your dog's favourite thing.

There are loads of liver cake recipes on the net here's a simple one

(And who said that she who is formerly K9999 can't do the non-contentuous threads????!!!!).

Avantia Fri 10-Jun-11 07:11:52

Thanks- I do look like a loon sometimes - high pitched voice , arms waiving , ball throwing , running, whistle blowing - have been avoiding the liver cake but I suppose I will have to take the plunge . Thought of it makes me feel ill let alone cook it.

she just switches off when there is an exciting distarction. Other than that she is fairly good.

emptyshell Fri 10-Jun-11 07:29:20

I cheat. I carry a small squeaky ball (the sort that would last 10 seconds if he ever got his jaws on it) - a squeak of that's usually enough to pull him off accelerating towards a squirrel!

Avantia Fri 10-Jun-11 07:55:46

Squeaky toy - good idea -have avoided those because it would not last 10 seconds ! Never thought to use it as a bribe grin

Spamspamspam Fri 10-Jun-11 08:19:18

I use a squeaky toy too, this allways (well so far she is only 14 weeks so time will tell) calls her back when everything else fails, when back I usually treat her and then have a quick tug of war with the squeaky toy.

DooinMeCleanin Fri 10-Jun-11 10:05:42

You become the most exciting thing on the planet ever in your dogs eyes. So it's different for all dogs.

With the Whippy one I am the most exciting thing in the world and I am the safest thing, too. Just because I'm me. I don't need treats or toys or games. She's quite nervous and doesn't like to stray to far, even if the children want to run with her, she must be able to see me at all times. If she loses sight of me she will come flying back. If she sees another dog, she comes to me and waits for me to tell her if it's okay to approach and play.

The Devil Dog is a different story and keeping his focus on me and not anything and everything else involves me running around like a loon and jumping up and down with squeaky toys that can be both thrown and used for playing tug. To get the toy back you must offer to swap it for mature chedder (it must be mature chedder, no other cheese will do hmm) He will work ofr liver cake in the house, but it's just not enough in the outside world.

All my Dad needs for his two greedy dogs is a bit of cheap chicken slice. He doesn't even need to call his dogs, he just needs to hold up his hand and they knew he has chicked and will come tearing back.

Devil Dog would laugh at me if I tried to offer him processed chicken when we were out and would wander off lookingf or somone who might have a better offer.

You need to find what gets your dog really excited and then keep it as something they are only allowed when they recall and not an all day, everyday thing. To stop Devil getting bored I don't always play or treat when he comes back, sometimes I just send him back away or throw his regular ball, so he is never sure if he's going to get his extra fun toy or game. Dd1 is also a great training aid for him grin, he loves to chase and she is more than willing to play tag with him, because she doesn't really bother with him in the house and playing tag is the ony time he is allowed to jump at her, this is really exciting for him, so when she is out and playing with him, his eyes are never off her.

Woodifer Fri 10-Jun-11 11:25:47

When you are teaching recall - try to start and reinforce it when there are no exciting distractions - so if in the beginning you think they won't come (if they are playing with another dog for example) don't call them then - this means they don't get used to ignoring the come command.

For food orientated dogs - really tasty treats, reinforce how brilliant coming on command is. There are some good tips above - our dog really liked primula cheese (or cheese and ham) spread and would lick a little bit from her own special tube.

If your dog isn't super food orientated, or you really want to reinforce it - it doesn't do the pup any harm to miss breakfast - then practise recall coming for really tasty treats.

oldqueenie Fri 10-Jun-11 11:30:54

second that idea. take puppy out when she is properly hungry... focuses the mind on food treats wonderfully!

Lizcat Fri 10-Jun-11 11:52:45

I have the baking for my dog thread and I used the recipe that dogsbest friend suggested. I didn't faff about doing all the whisking of eggs etc I just bunged the liver, flour, garlic and eggs into the food processor switched it on and then added milk till it look the right consistency, bunged it in the oven in ceramic dish and it came out great. 14 more pieces in the freezer for another day.
Mobile mop would do anything now for liver cake, but it is reserved only for agility training to make me the most fab thing there.

emptyshell Fri 10-Jun-11 12:03:41

I did train him to recall to a whistle as well - with the unfortunate side effect he recalled to every other buggers' whistles too in case there was food on the end of it!

So me, in the park, with a guy there with two gorgeous Weimaraners (I love them) - he blows his whistle, gets his two pedigree dogs there sat in front of him waiting for a bit of sausage... and one hairy, slobbery, shaggy round the edges scallywag dog sat there looking up at him with a "you blew it... I came... hand it over mate" look on his face. Miserable bugger didn't even laugh at it - and you can't NOT laugh at my dog when he's got his "fooooood me" face on (hence why the little bugger hits up every OAP with dog treats in the park if he gets the chance - the fact he looks from a distance like he's got a bandaged leg as well adds to his chances).

Have since reduced the whistle training!

kid Fri 10-Jun-11 18:39:06

As much as I want my dog to have 100% recall, I just can't bring myself to make liver cake. As if the food processing part wasn't bad enough, to know the smell lingers for ages totally puts me off!

highhopes2010 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:49:13

Our dog trainer uses cheese for all the dogs/puppies in her a treat.

highhopes2010 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:49:45

any cheese will do,dogs/pups love it.

Avantia Sun 12-Jun-11 11:53:23

The problem is she sees a another dog in the distance and zones out and is off - no matter what smelly offering I have for her or squeaky toy (tried it the other night she is just focussed on other dog and is off.

I have decided to use some long lead training .

QuincyMincemeat Sun 12-Jun-11 11:55:28

can I suggest sardine cake as an alternative to liver cake

smells god awful (a bonus as far as dog is concerned grin )
but you feel less like Hannibal Lecter when preparing it.

I add garlic and sunflower seeds to mine.

silentcatastrophe Sun 12-Jun-11 12:07:39

Practice and practice and practice. Our runaway dog is on a line. we are now able to drope the line and he comes back for treats. We were advised to be consistent in the treats. We used frankfurter sausages. Not easy when they are not easily available, so we use bits of cheese or whatever is good. On a line, do not give them the opportunity of NOT coming back. Call, and when they come towards you, call again. Treats and games on their return. Also practice in the house. Make sure behaviour in the house is up to scratch. Ha ha!! Runaway dog is the only one of 3 who isn't allowed to barge out of the house and who isn't allowed to race onto the green willy nilly.
We have found that a horse lunge line is better than a dog line. They are about the same length, but the horse line is cotton and less likely to rip you to bits if you're on the end of it when the dog bolts.

We are now 6 weeks into practicing recall on a pretty much daily basis, and we think we may be making some headway. Of course it may be an illusion. It's a real bugger, but until it is sorted, it's very hard to do anything else.

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