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Walking calmly on the lead - just NOT happening

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elmofan Wed 08-Jun-11 21:31:35

Where are we going wrong - Any advice would be great thanks .
My dog is a springer spaniel 13 months old and so far we have tried many different types of leads and none have done much good .
we have tried =
The halti (he hates this one), a harness , an extendible lead (for when he's on the beach) a short nylon lead and we have one of those leads that has a seat belt attachment on it .
He is very strong and nothing stops him pulling .

DooinMeCleanin Wed 08-Jun-11 21:48:58

There are loads and loads of ways to solve this issue.

My trainer had me walk my dog in a circle and then back to my side everytime the lead went tight. He soon learnt that tight lead = not moving forward.

Or there is the stop start technique, which is what it says on the tin. Dog pulls you stop until the leash goes loose and the dog is looking at you. Repeat adfinitum.

Or there is the silky lead way.

As for harnesses and head collars, they really only should be used as a training aid rather than the whole method iyswim? The halti head collar is known as the best (my dog hates them too and just quite simply refuses to walk) but this also gets good reviews. Make you sure you add lots of treats when the dog is walking nicely on the leash and maybe a command too, so you are training instead of relying solely on the harness and that way you should be able to carry the training forward using a regular collar.

Are you in any obedience classes?

Marne Wed 08-Jun-11 21:52:51

Its a comon problem with springers, i had a springer as a child and he wasn't great on the lead (until he started getting slow and old), i had another springer (when i moved into my first home) and he was great on the lead and off. The halti is great, we use a harness for our Staffie, she's a nightmare on the lead but the more i walk her the better she is getting (she pulls like mad as soon as she se's a person as she wants to lick them to death).

elmofan Wed 08-Jun-11 22:01:43

Oh thank you both .

We gave up the training classes when he was six months old . He is very obedient while at home , and is good off lead in the park (although refuses to be put back on his lead until HE is ready , usually after an hour of running )
It's his evening half hour walk that's the killer tbh . He has pulled so hard that the muscle in my upper arm is very swollen & sore . DH is now the only one that can do this walk with him and still comes home with his hands red raw from the lead . I will check out those links . Thank you
Marne - nice to know its not just my mad pup smile

kid Wed 08-Jun-11 22:33:17

Hi elmofan
Teddy (13 month old springer) also pulls on his lead. I've got 2 types of lead at the moment, one from PAH which has a padded handle and an extendable one.
As the padded handle on is missing at the moment, I am forced to use the extendable one which is actually pretty good I think for us. Teddy does bound along the pavement so I stop and say 'come' and he bounces back towards me like a kangeroo!
When he reaches me, I praise him and we continue to walk. Usually with in 2 steps, I have to repeat the whole process but its very cute grin

I was advised how to fix the lead pulling using the other lead which I will continue with when it turns up!
I walk and as soon as Teddy pulls, I have to do a semi circle and walk back in the direction we came from (semi circle instead of just turning straight back)
When he is level with me, I have to praise him/give treat.
Its a very long, slow process but really worth the effort.

Teddy will be staying with a dog trainer when I go on holiday for 2 weeks. I am hoping he will come back fully trained lol

elmofan Wed 08-Jun-11 22:43:39

Thanks kid smile Aww teddy sounds adorable .

I've just watched the link to the video that Dooin has given me so going to start that in the morning - Me thinks Oscar will not be a happy puppy wink
I'll try that semi circle method as well .
envy at your dog training friend grin lucky you .

kid Wed 08-Jun-11 22:55:24

she isn't cheap but only the best for Teddy grin
There is no way he was going to spend 2 weeks in kennels while I'm on a beach in Cyprus!
I know loads of people do use kennels and there is nothing wrong with that, but Teddy is my baby so not an option for him!

How is Oscar? Other then the lead pulling of course.
Teddy met up with his mum and sisters at the weekend for his first birthday, such a fantastic day was had by all.

elmofan Wed 08-Jun-11 23:05:54

I know exactly what you mean , we can't bare the thoughts of going away on holiday without Oscar even though my sister and niece would have him and he adores them but we would just miss him too much . So we are taking my parents camper van for a few days and taking Oscar with us grin
He is great thanks . Big and Bold , full of love . Still tries to sit on my lap and he's huge grin I think he thinks he is human .
Aww did teddy remember his mum and sisters do you think ?

kid Wed 08-Jun-11 23:48:35

He seemed to remember his mum as he was different with her than the way he was with his sisters. He did sniff her but that was it really. He ran around like a loon with 3 sisters. He took an extra liking to one sister, he was pretty desperate to hump her!
I'm so glad we met up, even though it took me 2 1/2 hours to get there!
Teddy is also huge, weighs approximate 22kg. He has so much strength

elmofan Wed 08-Jun-11 23:59:01

Lol at him trying to hump his sister.

When oscar is off his lead running in the park he's got this "born free"
Expression on his face & his ears flapping in the wind grin
Isn't it amazing how quickly they become part of the family smile

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