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Is it a good idea to introduce a "friend" for an anxious dog?

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MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 00:04:45

She loves other dogs and whilst my recall is not 100% it is pretty good (I have had her since last October and am making leaps and bounds but where other dogs are concerned, since she found her four feet, I lose if I don't see them first/don't already have her engaged in a tug game. She loves to run with other dogs... and loves their company. She is old, yet comes more alive (even more so than when I throw beloved tennis ball and pull ragger).

I know I could just put in a request to Doris Banham who have all sorts of rescue dogs, but.... she is anxious... very. I can't move around the house without her following at the mo and if she suspects I am going out (I really do not give any signals or make any fuss whatsoever) she panics.... I am doing all I know to try to alleviate her anxiety.

When she sees a dog in the street she melts into a waggy fish like wiggly thing. She misses her female doggy friend who I look after when her owner can't look after her... and whilst she is old she won't take any nonsense.

Would introducing a suitable friend potentially cause problems in terms of her anxiety?

She is currently in her day-bed in the kitchen, inhaling her DAP diffuser...

Any thought/suggestions/ramblings appreciated. Thanks smile

Bast Tue 07-Jun-11 00:41:33

Sprocker gives my anxious (previously abused) dog so, so much! He's teaching her how to enjoy life and loves her company smile

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 01:02:32

Very likely. We have a dog that was rehomed to the charity because of alleged behavioural problems but as soon as he met our two, relaxed and chilled out and never looked back. He is intensely sociable, adores making new friends, and is happy to be bossed around by our elderly very small bitch who takes no nonsense from the two hulking great males. grin

Why not try some fostering? Doggy play dates with any of her doggy friends? Our old boy loved doing his KC classes - a whole roomful of new woof chums to have fun with, and a very smart rosette at the end.

MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 07:56:31

Thank you, both! Well, certainly looking like a good idea then!!

I have just been asked to foster, but it is a 6 month old entire male SBT pup and whilst I am yet to meet him, I think on paper, he would be too much for my old girl. (I won't rule him out though).

I was thinking fellow bumbler, really, who likes a good sleep! Doris Banham, here I come....

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 08:55:25

MJ, you know if you are looking for a dog who likes a good sleep, then a greyhound surely has to be top of the list... grin especially an elderly one... , whistles casually while dragging foot around in little circles and tries to look innocent.... >

Take a look here at the Golden Oldies page....

chickchickchicken Tue 07-Jun-11 11:46:35

grin at scuttle

<not opening the link, not opening the link, not opening ....>

chickchickchicken Tue 07-Jun-11 11:48:14

sorry MJ, forgot to reply to your OP. how was your dog when you fostered the other sbt who was going to be pts? it does sound a good idea to have another dog and with the right dog i am sure it would help her anxiety

chickchickchicken Tue 07-Jun-11 11:52:54

ok, i opened link! tubby and grace are gorgeous and exactly like i was describing on the fantasy dog thread. i can imagine sitting round the fire with these two oldies. tubby prefers female dogs to males so they could potentially be rehomed together

<frowns and wonders if scuttle has special tinternet powers to brainwash persuade terrier dog owner to want to rehome greyhounds>

emptyshell Tue 07-Jun-11 12:22:06

Curse you scuttlebutter - I'm waiting for a homecheck and a greyhound (and they ain't responded with any info about when they're going to DO this homecheck for a fortnight now) - do not need more hounds to peruse... do not need more hounds to peruse...

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 12:32:55

grin I know, Chick, I wanted to bring Grace home with me too.... Who could resist that beautiful, wise old face?

Empty, which greyhound rescue is being tardy if you don't mind me asking? If they're not coming up with a good service, don't feel bad about talking to another charity. You know your life will not be complete till your fireside has a sighthound in front of it (or more likely, taking over your sofa)... Feel free to PM me if you want a steer...

emptyshell Tue 07-Jun-11 12:58:51

Been emailing the retired greyhound trust locally... appreciate it's gonna be a wait with the hunt for a cat-workable one, but they ain't even replied to the final email (cos we'd had a bit of a discussion about our current dog and having the cat) saying these are our details, please come homecheck with a "yeah we got the email" message (and I don't dare get excited about the possibilty till that's gone through as fine). So kinda stuck in limbo but it's definitely the plan but don't want to go running between rescues and wasting anyone's time.

Currently have a sofa free... mog+dog tag-teamed the other one.

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 15:39:16

Hmm, can't see why there should be a hold up in the homecheck though, Empty. I appreciate it takes a while to find a cat friendly grey (although they are out there) but the home check could be done and more importantly they should be keeping you appraised of what is going on. At the moment, they are wasting your time which is just as valuable. This drives me nuts as this is often the point at which less committed potential adopters will walk away - with the ease of email, there's simply no excuse these days for not keeping adopters in the loop.

MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 17:40:25

It's no good trying to appear innocent, Scuttle grin I would love to have a grey but DP not so keen - he is trying to insist that "we" only have another Pig (Staff), but being as he doesn't actually live here and rarely does any of the walking/caregiving, should we say his sway is not much of a determining factor. Have you seen the photo of my little old lady snuggled up with her big ginger gangly sighthound friend? She lurves her and is far more animated when she is around.

She wasn't an SBT, Chick - she was a American Bulldog who was extremely dog aggressive (at 7 months old - I wouldn't have even guessed that at that age otherwise I would have not offered) so it would be fair to say it went a bit wrong. My old lady generally avoids aggressive dogs and in terms of other dogs in general she loves them - I often see a lady who does dogwalking/petsitting/minding (and I have just found out overnight and holiday stays!) in our village and she is always surrounded by what could best be described as a "herd" of dogs. My old lady always makes a beeline to say hello to them all. She rarely falls out with other dogs (and it's usually male if she does) and all but once simply lifts up her skirts and turns her back on them.

And as for all the subliminal suggestions to open that dastardly link, I'm NOT doing it. I refuse.


emptyshell Tue 07-Jun-11 17:58:56

Yeah scuttle... if they'd just homecheck us I'd be happy enough playing the waiting game for a while - dont' want to come across as an impatient nutball but at the same time, the summer's the perfect time for us to get a dog since I'm guaranteed to be around 100% of the time until Octoberish to settle new woof in.

Still people have lives too so it's not nice to hassle too much I guess. Annoying when I've got the money for rehoming fee squirrelled away ready trying not to spend it (I'm shite saving money lol).

chickchickchicken Tue 07-Jun-11 18:16:15

MJ grin at "should we say his sway is not much of a determining factor" and "She rarely falls out with other dogs (and it's usually male if she does) and all but once simply lifts up her skirts and turns her back on them." am picturing an edwardian lady lifting up her skirts and flouncing away grin

emptyshell - please do follow up your email. it could be someone has mistakenly forgotten about it. there will be a dog out there who would love to come to your home sooner rather than later. good luck. hope you let us know

MJ - have you opened link yet? they are gorgeous

MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 18:44:11

That's exactly what she's like, Chick! (When she's not rolling in and snarfing down fox poo, that is...)

I don't know which link you mean and I have never heard of a dog called Luther <cough>

chickchickchicken Tue 07-Jun-11 18:53:55

grin you've been scuttled!

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 19:56:05

grin Whistles innocently once more....

Am picturing stately Edwardian woof making room for Sir Luther Loafalong on the sofa. "Another Sausage, Sir Luther?" "Why yes, Dame Motherjack, I think I may be persuaded. The sausage harvest has been demn fine this year." "Yes, Sir Luther, my nephew is in Scotland for the haggis season you know. He bagged three of the blighters - not an easy job as they are spirited little creatures. Cook will poach them for us after they've been hung."

Sir Luther stretches and harummphs appreciatively. "Why, old girl, I'm finding these quarters well to my liking. Staff are trained, vittles are fine and these chaise-longues are bally well stuffed."

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 20:18:31

Empty - if you're not very good at squirrelling away funds, then I won't mention collars... like these


MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 21:44:25

Oooo... ooooo.... that has reminded me... would it be excessively mental to buy a Martingale for my old lady? She has a pea head, so with her humongous neck she can shake free of her collar when she gets spooked if the wrong person is holding her <shudder at memory of her getting free and my recalling her seconds before a herd of sheep and their lambs wandered into the car park...>. I bought ginger gangly a martingale (she came with a 1/2 inch leather collar which I wasn't happy about) and whilst looking for one found a website with beautiful ones like the ones in your link Scuttle....

Anyroadup.... how did you know I have a chaise-longue? wink

Scuttlebutter Tue 07-Jun-11 21:58:42

I have nothing to say about encouraging anyone to buy collars - I have form in this area as Where the Wild Things Were will confirm. blush

But seems very sensible, ours love their martingales - look gorgeous, are comfy and don't come off. When Sir Luther Loafalot comes along, you'll want to welcome him with a nice one too..... wink

And of course you have a chaise longue - it just fits.

MotherJack Tue 07-Jun-11 23:33:50

Is it cos I is well posh?

emptyshell Wed 08-Jun-11 07:25:03

I think hubby will divorce me if I get a buckle version of that "Squirrels Wanted" collar for the current dog! I'm bad enough for dog collar windowshopping anyway - can we ban scuttle yet?!

chickchickchicken Wed 08-Jun-11 08:22:07

grin at ban scuttle

emptyshell Wed 08-Jun-11 08:37:15

Damn you scuttle - first payment from my sats marking comes in on Friday.... and will probably be going OUT on Friday.

Sooo annoying - have money set aside for newWoof and newWoof accessories - but no newWoof. Ya try to do things the right way this time instead of just getting a poundie with issoos and just hit a logjam.

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