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Anyone know a reputable dog trainer in the Manchester area?

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pinkbraces Mon 06-Jun-11 11:08:27

I have a labradoodle who is nearly 2. About 6 months ago she was attacked by another dog and is now very wary of other dogs and can become agressive if another dog comes running up to her. She seems fine if she goes up to another dog.

I had some good advice on how to get her confidence back and have tried to follow it but I think I need some help from an expert.

I would rather be recommended a trainer than just look on the web.


anchovies Wed 08-Jun-11 09:51:03

We have had 1 to 1 behavioural advice from a lady called Paula Summers from Happy Hounds in Urmston and we have done her puppy training (despite our rescue dog not being a puppy!) and we now go to her basic agility classes. I would very highly recommend her, she uses only positive training techniques and is very good value for money. Hope that helps!

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