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How did you introduce your puppy to your older dog?

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Polkadott Mon 06-Jun-11 10:29:35

Our dog is 4, when we got him as a pup we had an older dog who was used to dogs and cats and very patient because he'd live with them all before we rescued him.

Our older dog passed away earlier this year and we think it is time to get another. We are getting a puppy from a family member. We are slightly worried. Although our 4yo (male) was good with the older (male) one, he isn't keen on other dogs coming near the house, but he is very playful in the park.

We are getting a little girl, similar breed (parson russell and jack russell). When we were choosing the pup (well, she picked us actually!), we kept in mind that she would need not to be very timid and be very playful as we didn't think it'd be fair because of the nature of our other dog.

We have considered introducing them on neutral ground, such as the park so they can meet. We thought this way for our 4yo it'd be more like inviting her inside his home instead of bringing her in unannounced.

That's just a thought really. It'd mean delaying bringing her home, because she will need jabs before she can go out obviously (we are getting our 4yo re vaccinated too).

So, how did you introduce your pup to your older dog?
How did you ensure that your other dog didn't feel pushed out or replaced?

Polkadott Mon 06-Jun-11 13:21:41


mdoodledoo Mon 06-Jun-11 14:36:43

I've got two experiences to share - a few years ago I introduced a new pup very slowly, but my older dog was very much older than yours and not in the best of health. I let the older dog get used to the pup through the bars of the crate first of all, and then slowly introduced them nose-to-nose a day or two later. It didn't go that well initially as the older dog was very wary and would always walk away. It took a bit of 'sit and stay' and reassurance while the pup bumped around for them to even start talking to each other - they ended up good friends.

Then - last year we had two pups close in age, one had been with us 6 weeks when the other arrived. We had a real battle with the older one (female) from the first second the new baby (male) came into the house - she was jumping up on the furniture, and even having a go at getting up onto our shoulders, to get physically higher than the baby - trying to dominate from the get go. It took a fair bit of leadership from us over the first days to calm her down and get her to be gentle and accepting. They are now the best of friends though and adore each other. Interestingly I would say that, on balance, she's still the dominant one, although it does chop and change a bit in different situations.

I would say that you just need to judge your two animal's personalities and a bit of empathy initially then reading the situation as it progresses is all you need - it could be really easy or tricky, depending on so many factors. What a wonderful new chapter though - I envy you! Have fun with your new hairy family.

Polkadott Mon 06-Jun-11 22:01:07

Aw, Mdoodle I'm pleased they get on with each other now. We do have a crate we'll use for her at bedtime while toilet training (she sleeps in one where she is now) & I think it may be an option to introduce them that way too.

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