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UnWiseDog is home!!

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NunTheWiser Sat 04-Jun-11 07:43:25

She's feeling very sore and sorry for herself and is still on strong pain meds. sad She was so happy to see us though, it's quite something to see a three legged lab wag her tail! smile. She's quite content in the crate and the meds are making her very sleepy (see pics on profile). They seem quite pleased with her progress at the vet so fingers crossed she is on the mend.

Happymm Sat 04-Jun-11 08:11:36

Well done, glad to hear she's well. Hope it doesn't become too difficult as the meds wear off and she gets over the shock! Hve you got your doggy monopoly and cluedo ready? grin

kid Sat 04-Jun-11 08:21:28

I'm so pleased to hear she is home. Hope she continues to recover well and will soon be back to her usual self. Good luck with the crating, hope she isn't too stressed. It will all be worth it in the long run x

NunTheWiser Sat 04-Jun-11 08:22:40

Doggy Cluedo, I love it! grin It was Cesar Milan in the garden with the giant Kong.

Gonzo33 Sun 05-Jun-11 14:57:24

NunTheWiser I am so glad she is back, you must be relieved.

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