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Can I ask about ticks?

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TheFlyingOnion Thu 02-Jun-11 21:58:37

So, when I lived in the UK (3 years) my DDog had 2 ticks the whole time we were there.

Now I'm in Germany, at the moment I'm finding a couple every week, and the odd one I miss and find them (huge and bloated - urgh) in his bed.

I check him every day and he is frontlined to within an inch of his life, yet still they attach.

Is there anything else I can do as a) they're revolting and b) I'm concerned that one of these days he'll have a reaction or something and become ill?

When I remove them I dab the area with disinfectant and twist anticlockwise. They've all come out with no problems so far...

Is there anything on the market that stop the buggers attaching to him completely? I thought frontline was meant to do this for the first month...?

Thanks in advance

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