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Peppa just vomited and I think I found a worm <gag>

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rogersmellyonthetelly Thu 02-Jun-11 17:32:00

I'm not good with sick at the best of times, but Peppa just barfed all over my sofa (thankfully leather and wipes clean!) Whilst cleaning up, I saw lots of undigested food (last meal about 12pm) and what I thought might be a worm. It was a perfect coil, about .5cm accross and 1cm long, looked like a squashed spring, definately organic (squashy)
Anyone any clues what sort of worm (if it was indeed a worm) it might be?
I wormed her 2 weeks ago, so she is due again, but I found no worms in her poo last time I wormed her, and this is only the second time she has ever been sick, despite eating anything and everything she can scrounge off the floor.
She is on antibiotics at the moment due to a possible UTI, she had a dose last night and this morning, but surely that wouldnt be causing her to be sick this late in the day?

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