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lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jun-11 18:10:54

What a day! Woke up this morning as normal and Wilf was supposed to go to his playscheme. Bumble went into the garden and was chasing round with his quacky duck. The next thing i knew i was washing up and Bumble came and sat beside me and i noticed his eye looked funny. I bent down to touch it and he howled and ran off. His had had been sting and had swollen to twice the size.The upshot was that my Mum was going to the vets with her own dog ( i dont drive) Wilfred ( aspergers and deaf) had total hysterics and hid under his duvet moaning and sobbing that he didnt want his dog to die. sad He refused to go to playscheme so i had to cancel the taxi. My friend drove us to the vets and dropped us off. Poor Bumble had to have two jabs and then Mum picked us up and dropped Wilf off at his playscheme after first dropping Bumble off at home. God Bless Mothers!! Bumble is much beter now and his swelling has disapeared!!

lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jun-11 18:12:36

his had his eye.......

kid Wed 01-Jun-11 21:40:37

My pup got stung on the lip a couple of weeks after we got him. I was convinced he was going to die. The vets were closed as it was a bank holiday so I had to do my best to treat him myself.
Luckily the swelling went down quickly with the help of some ice.

Glad Bumble is better, quite an apt name for being stung by a bee! Let's hope he has learned his lesson and leaves bees/wasps alone in future.

2T2T Wed 01-Jun-11 22:23:17

gLAD ALL was OK for Bumble - lol at Kid's comment about the appropriate name for your dog! I must admit. when I first read your thread title I thought it was an adjective for some sort of odd canine behaviour! A bit like 'dogging' or something shock[embarrassed]

Spamspamspam Wed 01-Jun-11 23:51:02

Aww poor Bumble and Wilfred sad great names by the way!

Hope both have come through their ordeals!

lottiejenkins Thu 02-Jun-11 13:38:16

Thanks everyone.......all back to normal (*well as normal as possible in this house*) today!!

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