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What type of dog?

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RedwingWinter Tue 31-May-11 21:40:26

I would like to get a dog and am wondering what kind of dog would be right for me. I will probably get a rescue dog, and will be quite happy with a mutt, but would like an idea of what sort of mutt I should be looking for.

The main criterion is that it will have to get along with a cat.

I would prefer a medium or large dog that will like to come on long walks with me. Several times a week I go for a walk with some friends and their dogs, so it will need to be sociable. I'd prefer a dog that is well-behaved (or can be trained to become well-behaved) and that I can trust off-leash. Obviously, I have to be able to trust it with the cat when I'm out.

I don't want a guard dog and I'd prefer it to be friendly when people come round to my house. I especially like the look of huskies/malamutes, but I don't think these would be suitable for me, having read that you can never trust them off-leash.

Any suggestions?

Rapaccioli Tue 31-May-11 21:59:11

I disagree that you can never trust Mals off-lead. The only one I know well is perfect, good with all other animals, fantastically friendly and excellent off-lead. It's far more about the personality than it is the breed, there's good and bad in all of them just as there is in humans. What I would say is that a Husky or Mal might be a bit of a challenge for a first time owner, but again it's down to the individual dog and how you behave towards and train him.

Go to rescue with an open mind, tell them all about you, your family, lifestyle, home, children, visitors and so on and let them guide you. You may, as many of us have, go in with one idea in mind and come home eventually with someone completely different but who should suit you perfectly.

Remember that some rescues will rehome well out of their area as long as they can find a homechecker. Have a look at Max, Sasha and Spooner here for example. And this rescue may well rehome outside of their area!

chickchickchicken Tue 31-May-11 22:16:50

i agree with letting a reputable rescue guide you towards a dog that is suitable for you.

could you give us a rough idea of where you live as someone on here may be able to recommend a particular rescue? or a rescue that has homecheckers in your area

DooinMeCleanin Wed 01-Jun-11 00:10:00

We had an Akita who had excellent with recall, however he had a very high guarding instinct and wouldn't let anyone in the house unless we were there, saying that it doesn't mean they all will be like that, all dogs are different regardless of breed.

Let the rescue do their job properly and guide you to the right dog.

RedwingWinter Wed 01-Jun-11 16:27:31

Thanks for the good advice. I thought I needed to go with some kind of idea, because the adoption form has a section for you to say the breeds that you are interested in, so I thought it might be helpful to have a few ideas.

Rapaccioli, that's interesting what you say about Mals. When I read that you couldn't trust one off leash, I had visions of it escaping from our garden and coming back with the neighbour's pet rabbit or something. I guess it depends on the specific dog.

The shelter I am thinking of will send someone round to visit the house and also contact my vet before agreeing to an adoption, so that sounds like a good sign to me.

Dooin, I like the sound of your Akita, and I agree with you that every dog is an individual.

RedwingWinter Mon 04-Jul-11 20:27:40

Just wanted to update you and thank you again for the advice. I went in with an open mind, and ended up with a siberian husky/malamute cross after all (tho not the dog I had initially seen). He is really well behaved so someone in his past has clearly spent time training him. It has been really nice to see him settle in and cheer up. He does have a tendency to pull on his leash but we've been working on it and he's a lot better now - he even abandoned a squirrel hunt a couple of days ago.

I love my rescue dog!

chickchickchicken Sat 09-Jul-11 17:02:47

thanks for the update smile

he sounds lovely

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