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UnWiseDog has her hip op tomorrow

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NunTheWiser Tue 31-May-11 11:08:11

Am a bit wobbly about it. sad She's having TPO surgery for hip dysplasia and I know it is the best thing to do as she is so young (only 10 months.) Just hate the idea of leaving her at the vet and having her go through all that pain and discomfort. Also feel horrible about having to keep her crated for 6 weeks which she will absolutely hate. I keep having daft thoughts about her not making it through the op.
I know I'm being daft. Please feel free to tell me to get a grip. (rueful) smile

chickchickchicken Tue 31-May-11 14:46:26

get a grip grin

it is such a worry when they have to have an op. mine had a major leg op a few years ago and i felt so sorry for him. the day itself was a worry but also the restricted exercise afterwards was awful for him. he's a collie x and was only 1 at the time of the op so was very eager to get back running.

he's a rescue who was run over (they think). yours is very young to have a hip op sad

minimu1 Tue 31-May-11 15:37:47

<mannish slap on the back> It will be fine

(but I understand exactly where you are coming from I always rather sadly explain to my dogs what is going to happen and why etc etc - well it makes me feel better smile)

I hope it all goes smoothly and you need to think of lots of crate games to keep her busy for the next few weeks.

Let us know how she/and you get on

kid Tue 31-May-11 20:59:06

Lots and lots of dogs go through having a GA every day and they are fine. I don't blame you for being worried but there isn't any alternative. Of course you'd prefer her to not have the op but as that isn't an option, you'll just have to bite your nails tomorrow and then pull your hair out while her exercise is limited and she turns into a loon!

Best of luck, hope she is back home in your arms soon x

NunTheWiser Wed 01-Jun-11 00:31:43

Thank you all - just what I needed to hear. I've started another thread asking for ideas about crate games so I'm thinking about life post op rather than dwelling on the procedure now. smile

Spamspamspam Wed 01-Jun-11 23:48:48

NunetheWiser - how is UnWiseDog - did her operation go well?

Thinking of you all X

NunTheWiser Thu 02-Jun-11 05:12:41

Vet called late yesterday to say the procedure went well and she was coming round OK. She spent last night at the vet and may well spend tonight there too. It's very quiet without her.

WoodRose Thu 02-Jun-11 08:22:36

Great news that the operation was a success. grin Poor her (and you!) that she will have to be crated for 6 weeks. She probably won't feel like moving around much at first so you probably won't have a complete loon in a crate for the full six weeks! Perhaps to keep her occupied she could get all her food in kongs. Frozen is even better - keeps mine buy for ages! Kit also posted some brain games a few days ago which might be worth a try. Best of luck and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you can!

minimu1 Thu 02-Jun-11 09:57:42

Glad it went ok and hope she is back with you soon. I guess she will need loads of love and cuddles for a while yet - they are a great time filler.

Agree re kongs and bones. Get clicking as well - there are loads of training you can do with her in her crate, she will have a repertoire of new tricks!

Make her work for her meals (obviously when she is on the mend and feeling perkier I guess she will be out of sorts for a whilesad poor girly) so don't just give her her dinner she has to work for it so any of the tricks below this will help to drag mealtimes out and give her something to do.

Nose tricks will be great to start with so hide food in her crate near her and get her to find it, then start to get her to find named objects (obviously all very close to her so she just has to move her head to reach them).

Teach her to nose touch a target (pringle lids are great for this shame you have to eat the pringles first)

Teach her to speak and count (well ok you move your hand each time you want her to bark but it can impress 5 year olds!)

Another one is to get her to cover her eyes with her front paw.

Obvioulsy paw, high five and wave.

Get her to yawn on command anything to keep her busy and tire her out.

As she gets better some tricks can be used in a sort of physio way and can help to strengthen muscles etc obviously do this with advice of vets.

We had a dog with a major shoulder injury (squashed to the floor by an unknown dog "who only wanted to play!") and actually used a gym ball to help her stretch and balance once she was on the road to recovery.

Hope things go well.

NunTheWiser Fri 03-Jun-11 05:36:50

UWD is doing well. She's still at the vet because they kept her on IV opiate painkillers yesterday. She managed OK on injectable painkillers through the night and coping on oral painkillers today. She's hobbling around OK on 3 legs when they take her out to the loo with support under her back legs with a towel. Apparently she's made friends with a couple of other black labs who have also been in for surgery!
They're keeping her in another night to see how she goes and all being well we pick her up tomorrow morning. Am desperate to see her. This whole week has made us all realise how much we love her and how she is really one of the family now!

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