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Happymm Sun 29-May-11 22:24:38

Getting a new puppy on Wednesday-yellow lab,cute as. Will be 8wks,had first jabs etc. Any do's and don'ts? With crate, where do you put it, his long do you leave them etc. All advice gratefully received, thanks

Booboostoo Sun 29-May-11 22:34:06

How lovely!

Ideally you move the crate around. Start with it in the main family room, leave the door open and make it a nice inviting space for the puppy to decide to go into (don't force the puppy in the crate and don't shut the door until the puppy is used to the crate). At night move the crate to where you want the puppy to sleep.

Most important thing is to start socialising the puppy as quickly as possible and with as many different things as possible. Personally I prefer to have puppies out and about before their second vac but there is a risk in doing this. As soon as second vacs are out of the way have a puppy socialisation class lined up and then a beginners training class.

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