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Amidst the grief we have reason to celebrate

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fledtoscotland Sun 29-May-11 14:12:25

my dear tallie was put to sleep 5 days ago and rocky our 8th old collie cross is in pieces. He's not eating, reluctant to go out, v clingy. Anyway we discussed with our vet who suggested another companion dog sooner rather than later.

We have looked round the local rescue centres but nothing fitted what were looking for and after a long chat with the SSPCA officer, they offered us a puppy. He's only 6 wks old so we don't collect him for another 10 days but the boys love him and he's just what rocky needs.

It's very bitter sweet as I would much rather have my beloved Tallie back but Buzz (the boys chose his name) is v cute and has put a smile on my face. Now have 10days to puppy- proof the house, get a crate and re-instate baby gatessmile

d0gFace Sun 29-May-11 15:05:40

Sorry for your loss and hope you have lots of happy times to come with Rocky and Buzz. smile

fledtoscotland Sun 29-May-11 15:19:44

Really need to start previewing my posts - rocky is my 8yr old dog not 8th!

shineoncrazydiam0nd Mon 30-May-11 09:43:32

What sort of puppy is he? pic?!

fledtoscotland Mon 30-May-11 16:15:27

He's a GSD supposedly pedigree but since the SSPCA aren't convinced. He's not big enough and not the right shape. I only have one pic on my phone but we get him in 8 days so will have plenty more then.

Need to get a crate now but we went out and the boys chose a collar & bowls for him this morningsmile

We collect Tallie tomorrow which is going to be heartbreaking but I think we are doing the right thing having a pup and not a replacement for her.

DizzyDummy Tue 31-May-11 00:47:52

When my GSD cross died my other dog was in pieces, wouldn't eat, get out of his basket etc and my DP suggested getting another dog sooner rather than later, I was really against the idea but gave in eventually. I felt so guilty but it cheered our dog up aswell as taking the whole families mind off our loss. She was not a replacement for our lost GSD cross, just another addition to our family. Don't feel guilty, just enjoy your new bundle of fun!

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