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Bumble is settling in well!!

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lottiejenkins Sun 29-May-11 10:19:12

You may remember that i posted on here a few weeks ago that we were getting a rescue dog. Well he has been with us for two weeks now and has settled in really well. My friends have all been so kind with gifts ranging from a box of poo bags to £100 worth of wire to fence the front garden in!!! Two friends have put the fencing up. The first two nights he howled and whined for ages but i remained resolutely strong and it has paid off now and he is so much better now! The first time i left him he managed to get a bottle of cooking oil from the kitchen worktop and dropped it thankfully on the old rug in the dining room (as opposed to 18 month old smart laminate floor and carpet paid for by insurance company after water excape in the house........)
He also managed to rip open a packet of toilet rolls and crunch on my lipstick!! hmm
He is fabulously brilliant with the children at the school where i work. When i go to do pickup he's not allowed in the playground (no dogs are) We wait in the outer yard and then all the "bus" children troop out and we get a chorus of "hello Bumble" "sit Bumble" as they go past! grin
He has obviously had some training as he sits at the kerb when he is told and sits in the house and gives his paw too!!
He is terrified of my friends Lhasa Apso which is quite funny. I let him off last Friday in the footpath to see how well he would come back. He took of like Usain Bolt. (not good i thought) Then suddenly stopped dead and shot back to me with his tail between his legs. he had met Herbie!! (the LA) His best friend at the moment is a lovely G Retriever called Henry.
He has learnt how to climb into our big Bay window as well which is a good burglar alarm. He marches up and down in the window like Captain Mainwaring grin
The best part of it all is the joy he has brought to me and Wilf. Wilf had him for a day before he went back to school for a fortnight. He came home on Friday and they have spent the last two nights cuddled up on the floor together!!

chickchickchicken Sun 29-May-11 13:11:03

smile very pleased for you. i remember your thread

grin at marching up and down in the window, my dogs do this too

coccyx Sun 29-May-11 13:14:03

great to hear he has settled in to what seems a fab forever home.
Any pics?

chickchickchicken Sun 29-May-11 13:34:49

(coccyx - is it ok to pm you?)

sorry for hijack

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