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Puppy questions!

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clam Sat 28-May-11 16:29:09

We're collecting our new puppy on Wednesday.
Am doing the finishing touches to puppy-proofing the house and garden at the moment, but I have some questions. Can anyone help?
a) Which part of wisteria is supposed to be poisonous to dogs. Am sweeping up the remains of the flowers and snipping off any tendrils he could reach, but I'm wondering if I should be a bit more brutal.
b) We are borrowing a car crate to bring him home in, but it's a minimum hour and a half drive, traffic permitting. Should we stop mid-way for him to wee? And if so, as he's unlikely to be used to a collar and lead, how would we keep him safe?
c) Loads of people want to come and visit him. How long should we put them off? I've read that we should keep him quiet initially, but also that he needs to be socialised asap. (although he's been in a household with 3 small children, cats/pony etc.. so am thinking he might not be too shy)
d) My nephew's dog (1 yrs old) will be spending quite a bit of time with him, I hope (shared dog-walkers once or twice a week). How long before we introduce them to each other, and where is best to do it? Our house or theirs? And will it be OK for them to meet if our puppy hasn't yet had his 2nd set of jabs? What do people with existing dogs do?
e) How soon do I take him to our vet for a check-up, as opposed to the one he's seen via the breeder?

Thanks in advance.

ellangirl Sat 28-May-11 18:33:14

a. He's unlikely to eat the wisteria, so I wouldn't worry too much.
b. I wouldn't stop, because you won't be able to control him, plus you don't want him exposed to nasty things.
c. sensible dog friendly people can come round whenever as far as I'm concerned. Just make sure they understand the rules that you want to put in place.
d. Introductions whenever- my dog wasn't bothered by the puppy at all- just wanted to play! Your house best I think, although we took our pup to relatives house with garden before 2nd vaccinations. You can't eliminate all risk, just use common sense.
e. My vet recommended waiting 3 days to settle puppy in before taking them to vets, although I only took mine because she was getting first set of vaccinations and even then she didn't have a comprehensive check up.

All of the above just what I would do so feel free to ignore if you like!

clam Sat 28-May-11 18:41:10

Thank you ellangirl smile

midori1999 Sat 28-May-11 19:54:58

a) I would be very wary about the wisteria, although I have no idea which bit is poisonous I'm afraid. A friend's adult dog recently died after eating a poisonous plant having lived in the house/garden for a year without touching it. sad I would either ensure the puppy is supervised at all times in the garden, fence it off so he can't get to it or dig it up.

b) unless the puppy is too big, I would personally carry him home on my lap, although that isn't the way I'd usually transport a dog, obviously. He will have just left everything he has ever known and quite possibly be distressed/get sick. Take a towel or blanket plus a spare to wrap him in in case he is sick/does a wee/poo. I wouldn't stop with him on a 1 1/2 hour journey.

c) depending on his age when you get him, I would give him a couple of days to settle in before having too many visitors. Puppies enter a 'fear stage' at about 8 weeks and it might be a bit overwhelming for him at first and make him more nervous. After that, get him out ASAP being carried to meet as many people/things as possible out of the home as well as in it.

d) it's fine for your puppy to meet vaccinated dogs before any jabs. There is a small risk, but it is small and there's also a small risk of you bringing in something on your shoes etc. The puppy should in theory still be covered by immunity gained from it's mother until about 12 weeks though. Where you do it is up to you.

e) I would take the puppy to your vet within 48 hours. I suggest people who have puppies from me do this. Your vet should check for things like heart murmur, hernia, undescended testicles etc. although obviously the breeder's vet should have already done this, but a second opinion never hurts.

clam Sat 28-May-11 20:20:35

He'll be 8 and a half weeks, midori.
Will research further about the wisteria, but it shouldnt be a problem to trim it a bit higher - its main glory is higher up anyway.
When my sister brought home her lab puppy, she wondered why he was making all these yawning motions with his mouth. Found out subsequently it was a sign of stress. She had him on her lap too. I may do the same - and am intending to take something to rub against his mum so he can smell it once we've left.
I guess we'll have to wait and see how he is once we get him home re: visitors.
Appreciate the responses.

ellangirl Sat 28-May-11 20:34:03

midori that's awful about your friends dog dying. clam I guess be very careful about the wisteria!

minimu1 Sat 28-May-11 20:37:25

All of the wisteria is a danger to dogs link here

I would not stop and would also have the puppy on my lap with towel ready for accidents and travel sickness

I would take the puppy asap to the vets

Wait a good week before loads of visitors

Great idea to introduce to vaccinated calm friendly dogs after a week of settling in.

clam Sat 28-May-11 21:39:58

Good God, minimu! That's the whole garden out, then!
What do people do, then, if they have a garden? Why aren't all dogs dropping down dead if so much of what's out there is poisonous? I'm not disputing the facts, obviously, but how much can one assume that dogs aren't stupid enough to eat stuff that's bad for them? Or can I never ever let him out in the garden without watching him like a hawk the whole time.

shineoncrazydiam0nd Sun 29-May-11 09:05:55

I don't have much in my garden as it's mainly lawn, but I just shouted a bit and distracted if she went near anything and that worked! I have a cav, 17 weeks old now, btw.

We had loads of people in and out, plus the kids, and she was absolutely fine. Loved the attention, very friendly etc..and when tired, we just popped her in her crate for a nap.

She came from Liverpool and I live in Oxford, so a long drive. Bof brought her down to me and I think they stopped once. I wouldn't bother with an hour and a half drive..just make sure you have stuff to clean up if necessary!

Mine had her first set of jabs when we got her at 7 weeks and we were out and about within a day or so - mainly with me holding her. We live in a village of about 20 houses and very, very rural... so a different kettle of fish to most places I suppose, hence she could have a little trot about.

I took her to my vets within days and paid 30 quid for.. well, not much really! grin

Refresh my memory.. what type of dog?

SoupDragon Sun 29-May-11 09:13:11

Don't bring the dog home on your lap if you're driving grin

Dill came home with me in a cardboard box in the passenger footwell, with a stinky towel from the breeder. It was also an hour and a half journey but I didn't stop, figuring he would most likely be prone to accidents anyway so the chances of stopping at the right time would be minimal.

clam Sun 29-May-11 11:43:15

Shiney - he's an apricot cockapoo. But I'm going to be too embarrassed to admit to that in public so am thinking of referring to him as a spaniel cross. Or just a mongrel - which is technically what he is. Unspeakably cute, however.

shineoncrazydiam0nd Sun 29-May-11 19:40:52

He sounds very cute indeed. Do post a pic

clam Sun 29-May-11 19:45:55

Well, I thought I had, but I don't appear to have a profile!
Will try again.

kid Sun 29-May-11 19:48:18

I brought my pup home on my lap (i wasn't driving) and we did stop as it was a 3 hour drive. The breeder had been putting a collar on him briefly during the time she had him to get him used to it. He was 11 weeks old by the time we collected him.

I told people to wait until the following day to visit us so he had a chance to explore his new home in peace. Well I say in peace but he actually had DD (11) and DS (8) following him everywhere.

He started to socialise with other dogs the following day but he had already been fuly vacinated.

Good luck with your new puppy and I look forward to seeing some pics and also hearing what he has been up to!

clam Sun 29-May-11 20:01:18

TaDa!! Done it.
This was taken (by the breeder) at 5 weeks old. He's going to get fluffier.

kid Sun 29-May-11 20:46:02

aww, he is gorgeous!

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