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Diabetes in Dogs

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Snoopychick Fri 27-May-11 20:09:06

Hi, my dog has been diabetic since December and I inject him twice daily with Caninsulin. The problem is that he's started to refuse his food over the last week or so. I've tried changing his food (about 4 times) and things like adding ham to it, but he just doesn't want to eat. He's pretty miserable in himself and I'm starting to panic, because if he doesn't eat, he can't have his insulin and if he doesn't have his insulin, he'll die. My vets are really great and are doing everything they can for him, but he just won't eat much.

Any advice or ideas would be welcome. Please?

walkersmum Sat 28-May-11 07:45:02

My diabetic cat has Orijen 6 Fish, low glycemic food. They do a dog one, it may be worth getting a little bag to try - there is a list of stockists

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