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Stagbar antler dog chews

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SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 08:17:16


Anyone here tried these?

I have a dog who loves to chew, but will only chew bones or raw hide (which is gone in a flash). Anything plastic is rejected.

Quite like the sound of these as they last a long time.

chickchickchicken Sun 27-Feb-11 13:32:15

havent tried them but just looked at the link and they sound lovely.

mine like the 79p hooves from wilkinson. have you tried those?

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 13:53:30

No I haven't. How long do they last for (with a dog in full on chew chew chew mode)?

chickchickchicken Sun 27-Feb-11 14:09:21

smile at chew chew chew mode. yep one of ours seems to chew through any treats very quickly. hooves are the best i have found and they last him 1-2hrs at a guess. the hooves stink though

are you going to try the antlers? i'm tempted but just as an occasional treat as £3 x 3 dogs too expensive as a regular thing

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 14:29:50

I think I might, although even better would be to procure some free antlers. They just drop off right? We do a walk by the Duke of Westminster's pad and there are SHED LOADS of deer on the other side of the fence, taunting me with their giant free antlers.

I just need to find a recently shed antler that has dropped over the fence.

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 14:30:46

I may well try a wilco's stinky hoof in the mean time though. Thanks chick.

chickchickchicken Sun 27-Feb-11 14:38:35

grin at wilco's stinky hoof

hailstones have stopped so off to take dogs for a muddy walk

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 14:41:40

We had hail this morning too, but not on our very muddy walk grin

Have a nice time.

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 27-Feb-11 15:26:15

My two BCs adore stag bars - one demolishes chews in a few minutes and the stag bars last for ages grin

I don't know about "free" antlers, I would be worried abotu bugs, although these just seem to power washed clean and maybe sterilised?

SoupDragon Sun 27-Feb-11 15:36:59

You're worried about bugs...? Doesnt your dog eat poo then?

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 27-Feb-11 16:30:03


aspergillus Sun 27-Feb-11 16:31:13

got one for my lab a few weeks ago, he loved it, lots of chewing and only a bit worn down, but after 4 days it stunk horribly and brownish fluid oozed out of one end onto the carpet so I threw it away. will email sellers, maybe it was just a bad one.

chickchickchicken Sun 27-Feb-11 16:34:23

we have never tried free antlers grin but used to get free tennis balls where we used to live! two of my dogs are ball obsessed and we used to walk them in the field adjoining the local tennis club. never bought a ball for years

chickchickchicken Sun 27-Feb-11 16:36:14

aspergillus - that sounds yuk.

at least wilco's stinky hooves dont leak grin

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 17:22:41

Apergillis maybe the brown stuff was dormant marrow or something?

Not worried about stinkyness as all current organic product chewing occurs in the garden only. Would be interested to hear what the company says about the brown ooze though.

aspergillus Sun 27-Feb-11 19:46:14

Slubber you were right, got a very quick reply from the company, said it sometimes happens when saliva mixes with the marrow.
"...Stagbars have been tested for various bacteria, including testing carried out on ‘smelly, oozing ones’ and the results are negative.."
wish I hadn't chucked it away now, he was really enjoying it.

SlubberKongWubba Sun 27-Feb-11 19:49:57

oh no!

Bugger bugger bugger that you threw it out.

I think I'll get her one and see how we go.

aspergillus Sun 27-Feb-11 20:06:42

I've got another, as ordered two, postage is per order rather than per item so worth getting more than one. Will be prepared for the ooze this time and make sure he only has it in the garden.

Labradorlover Sun 27-Feb-11 20:35:37

My dogs' all time favourite was deer legs....they thought it was xmas grin.
Also partial to any type of horn or hoof trimming.

bedlambeast Mon 28-Feb-11 14:31:01

Message withdrawn

WhereTheWildThingsWere Sun 13-Mar-11 07:48:14

Bumping as brought whipppy one from Crufts yesterday and is officially his best thing ever.

Would highly reccomend, he chewed it for three hours straight until reluctantly leaving it to go to bed and it has a few tiny scratches on it from his teeth, so is going to last for ages.

bedlambeast Sun 13-Mar-11 09:05:46

Message withdrawn

CalamityKate Wed 15-Jun-11 11:35:31


Got the dogs a Stag Bar each at the vets this morning as reward for being brave soldiers and having their boosters without dying grin

They looked at them somewhat askance to start with ("You PAID for STICKS? There are hundreds of sticks in the woods - and you don't let me eat them!") but younger dog has just got going, seen the point of them and is chewing ecstatically. Older dog is waiting to see if younger dog is poisoned before giving hers a go grin

Kingsroadie Wed 15-Jun-11 12:22:34

We have also got some for our puppy! Rawhide is still def his favourite though but apparently they shouldn't eat too much of it - my vet says it's okay but not too much. He really liked stagbars at first and now seems to have got a bit bored of them... What about raw bones from butchers? Any thoughts?

Happymm Wed 15-Jun-11 13:10:12

Awaiting delivery of stag bars, but 10wk old lab enjoying bone from the butchers-free too, which is even nicer! smile

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