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Newbie advice please!

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Carty80 Sat 15-Jan-11 17:15:43

Hi all, first post on The Doghouse! We got our Boxer puppy, Harry, a few weeks ago now after wanting one for years, he is a great addition to the family and the kids love him, although not so much his friendly "nibbles"! Few questions for anyone to help with please, he had his 2nd vaccination today and his microchip, vet has told us we have to wait 5 more days before we can take him out but I have read various people saying we could take him out now, any thoughts?

Also vet has booked an appointment in 2 weeks for worming. He was treated at breeders at 3 and 5 weeks and we treated him at 8 weeks and I have it in my diary to treat him again at 12 weeks. We have used Panacur liquid. Vet said to DH that worming need to take place every 2 weeks. Obviously we haven't done it every 2 weeks and have followed advice on Panacur bottle. Is this ok? Should I use the vets or can we just do it at home?

Last question, fleas! We have used Bob Martin Double Action Spot On, just seen Bob Martin slated, so should I use a different one? I used it at 8 weeks and would use it again in couple more weeks. Would it be ok to change now and again should I get it done at vets?

Sorry long post! Look forward to reading and posting in The Doghouse. x

DooinMeCleanin Sat 15-Jan-11 19:42:08

The vets stuff is better for flea treatment and worming but it's cheaper to get the presciption from your vet and then purchase it online rather than pay the vet prices.

I use Drontal wormers and Advocate flea and tick treatment.

There are loads of sites if you have a little google.

Wrt the nipping yelp like a litter mate would do whenever he nips. He'll soon get the picture.

Wait the reccomended time before taking him out. My parents rescued an unvaxed puppy when they were younger. He went blind two days after they brought him home and eventually died. My mum said it was horrific to watch sad. I've always been extra careful with vaccinations because it has been drummed into my head by my parents how important it is.

And welcome to the world of dog ownership. You will soon be addicted. If you're anything like me you will start collecting dogs and your life will revolve around training, walking and talking about your dog.

Carty80 Sat 15-Jan-11 20:23:27

Thanks so much, got to say I am loving having Harry with us. Hubby has had Boxers before but this is my first and I can see how easily it is to fall in love with dogs!

Thanks for your advice, will keep him in for 5 more days then, can't wait to get him out for walks. Sounds an awful experience your parents went through! How sad.

I have been trying to get the kids to yelp when he nips them but they either cry or laugh at him! Will persist with them.

Will go to vets for prescription, so much advice in books and web, gets a bit confusing so its good I can post on here and get experienced peoples advice! Thanks.

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