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Valhalla - help! Lots of chewing need some advice

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Figgyrolls Thu 13-Jan-11 22:58:52

Or anyone else with some good advice please!

8 month lab puppy is chewing EVERYTHING, very irritating (lost 2 coats so far, the first one then the replacement) including skirting board and wall plaster (I know this is quite common though!)

She has a Kong but isn't really that interested in it, she does love the rawhide chews and merrily will chew away and play with them but I am worried about how many she is allowed as she gets through them quite quickly! I have so far given her a giant rawhide bone and she thinks its fab but already it is half gone (and that was from midday today!). I have some pigs ears but not sure how many of them she can have.

Advice always welcome (can't keep phoning the vet after the debacle of her not keeping her mouth to herself and chewing through all the deflear/dewormer.........fortunately no harm done)

thanks in advance!

Teela Thu 13-Jan-11 23:04:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CalamityKate Fri 14-Jan-11 02:03:42

Do you put anything in the Kongs?

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 02:14:53

Its normally boredom that causes chewing - does she have plenty of toys/getting enough exercise?

I put loads of different stuff in my lab's Kong not just the biscuits - his favourite is chicken paste. If you can find something she likes she will show more interest in it. Freezing it stops them getting the stuff out so easily so it lasts longer as well.

My lab goes through loads of bones but its better than replacing shoes/remote controls/dresses.

You can buy Stop-Chew spray at the pet shop which might help.

I cant do links, but I started a thread about a year ago and got loads of good advice if you want to search for it.

If it makes you feel better, he's now 2 and although we catch him with stuff he shouldnt have occassionally he's not even half as bad as he was at your pups stage!

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 02:17:05

Oh, I forgot, it might be helpful to take her to the vet and have her teeth checked.

midori1999 Fri 14-Jan-11 08:11:46

Supervision, supervision, supervision. Crate train the dog so if you can't supervise he's physically prevented from chewing anything. If he chews something he's not allowed to when you're there, remove it with a firm 'no' and swap for something the dog can chew.

Everything is a chew toy to a dog and until he has learnt what's ok to chew he'll just chew whatever he likes the feel of and that's likely to be whatever is left laying around or where he can get it, because it's new and exciting. Keep as much out of his way as possible too.

Kongs are a good idea. I wouldn't give wood as it can splinter and cause problems. Too much rawhide can cause upset tummies. You can soak his normal kibble and stuff his kong with his meals or mix the kibble with some cheese spread or peanut butter and them stuff his kong with it.

minimu1 Fri 14-Jan-11 08:17:22

Keep the dog busy and never unattended would be the first things to do .

Is the dog crate trained? If so do not ever leave unattended pop in the crate.

Up the training and exercise so that the lab is kept busy. (Yep I know she is on restricted exercise but if you break it down into several short chunks that can help to keep the dog busy)

Use the suggestions above to fill the kong cover it in peanut butter on the outside so she begins to love it . I am not a great fan of rawhide but some people do use it. I would not give many.

Direct the dogs attention onto other things to do. I know hard work but it does save the house - get the dog to retrieve things in the house, learn to take washing out of the washing machine collect shoes for you to put on etc

Get a clicker and teach the dog tricks to keep its mind and body busy.

It is a phase and will pass but it can be a huge danger to the dog and also you house by the sounds of it.

This is definately a situation when prevenation is better than cure. Don't let the dog get things to chew that she shouldn't

CalamityKate Fri 14-Jan-11 08:29:30

Good suggestions from Midori. Feeding her ALL her meals in a Kong will keep her amused for ages; there's no reason at all why meals should arrive in a bowl. If you freeze the Kong, it will keep her amused for even longer, and will soothe sore gums if she's still teething. I used to fill a selection of hollow bones/Kongs with a week's worth of meals - doesn't take long and having to work for a meal in a Kong, rather than it being an "extra", dramatically increases their keenness wink

Peanut butter - yep, my dogs love it. Just a dab in either a hollow bone or Kong keeps them amused for aaaages.

Supervision and management, making sure the dog has plenty of exercise/stimulation and giving an outlet so that there are things they CAN chew (dogs NEED to chew) are key.

CalamityKate Fri 14-Jan-11 08:30:57

"I used to fill a selection of hollow bones/Kongs with a week's worth of meals" - intended to add "and keep them in the freezer".

jellybrain Fri 14-Jan-11 11:48:44

CK What kind of food did you put in the kongs and where do you get hollow bones from?

midori1999 Fri 14-Jan-11 12:36:37

You can buy filled bones at Pets at home. If you choose the smaller/thicker ones they don't break and one the dog has eaten the filling out you can refill it.

Not sure if these are the same ones CK uses, but that's what we use.

CalamityKate Fri 14-Jan-11 14:57:55

Yep, they're the ones Midori!

If your dog has wet food, or a mixture of wet and kibble, then fill it with that. If it's on kibble alone, soak it for a bit, then fill and freeze.

Figgyrolls Fri 14-Jan-11 15:53:34

Brilliant suggestions thank you so much for all your help, she is happy when she has something to gnaw on! I think the teeth are coming through and although painful for us we do understand its just been a bit of a revelation as when alone she is in our "utility room" which has some work surface and now she has grown she can reach the side and grab anything that might be what we thought of as out of reach!

I know its when she is most bored, it is difficult for us as we have a toddler and a 5 month old so our attention is divided a fair amount at the moment (before you ask she was the last pup from a very reputable breeder/trainer and for some reason -due to the recession they believe- no one wanted this particular litter, don't know why as she is very quick to learn and a sweetie! anyhoo due to this old softies here didn't want her to not have a home and so took her in as she wasn't on the radar until lo was a bit older but sometimes fate intervenes!). However the problem has been overnight, also she really hated the crate and was pooping and peeing in it which was very difficult for a while, at the moment she has the run of the utility room which is about 2m by 1.5m and has been so much happier here apart from the recent chewing. I know its teeth and boredom but great suggestions as I was worried about too much rawhide and "treaty" chews but equally I know she needs something to gnaw on. Pets at home gave me some advice about a knotted toy and putting that in the freezer - just have to find it in the garden first grin!

CalamityKate Fri 14-Jan-11 16:05:04

Wetting a knotted toy and putting it in the freezer is a good idea. Some people use strips of old towel, wet them and freeze them as a cheaper alternative, but it depends on how strongly your dog chews... I suppose the advantage if the dog DID swallow bits of chewed up towel would be an automatically wiped arse with every poo grin

Figgyrolls Fri 14-Jan-11 16:36:08

Actually I cheated slightly because I bought one of those stockings in pets at home that was half price with a squeaky toy (taken the squeaker out just incase of it becoming a squeaky dog and i know i can't spell squeaky), a knotted ball, a large rawhide chew for £4 and another couple of chew things that I am not convinced of but thought the knot was cool so got it as I am a sucker for the poor doglet! Only thing is they have xmas trees on but the dog doesn't care - the cat got a sparkly gold flea collar as dd (3) insisted grin!

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