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NewYearNewKnickersOnMyHead Sun 09-Jan-11 23:21:41

After two long years of being on a waiting list for an agility dog, we have been notified by the breeder that, at long last, our number has come up and ...WE ARE HAVING A PUPPY!!!

We must get rid of our children IMMEDIATELY because we just know how time consuming our new little puppy is going to be and it just wouldn't be fair to the children. Since our little puppy will be arriving on Monday we MUST place the children this weekend! They are described as:

One male - His name is Tommy, Caucasian (English/Irish mix), light blonde hair, blue eyes. Four years old. Excellent disposition. He doesn't bite. Temperament tested. Does have problems with peeing directly in the toilet. Has had Chicken Pox and is current on all shots. Tonsils have already been removed. Tommy eats everything, is very clean, house trained & gets along well with others. Does not run with scissors and with a little training he should be able to read soon.

One female - Her name is Lexie, Caucasian (English/Irish mix), strawberry blonde hair, green eyes quite freckled. Two years old. Can be surly at times. Non-biter, thumb sucker. Has been temperament tested but needs a little attitude adjusting occasionally. She is current on all shots, tonsils out, and is very healthy & can be affectionate. Gets along well with other little girls & little boys but does not like to share her toys and therefore would do best in a one child household. She is a very quick learner and is currently working on her house training - shouldn't take long at all.

We really do LOVE our children so much and want to do what's right for them; that is why we contacted a rescue group. But we simply can no longer keep them. Also, we are afraid that they may hurt our new puppy.

I hope you understand that ours is a UNIQUE situation and we have a real emergency here!!! They MUST be placed in rescue by Sunday night at the latest or we will be forced to drop them off at the orphanage or along some dark, country road. Our priority now has to be our new puppy.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Sun 09-Jan-11 23:22:43

must they be rehomed together? and are they cat friendly?

NewYearNewKnickersOnMyHead Sun 09-Jan-11 23:24:37

I'm not sure, this is a cross post to get this seen for someone else...


ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Sun 09-Jan-11 23:25:26


LotteryWinnersOnAcid Sun 09-Jan-11 23:25:46

Spot on.

Honeydragon Sun 09-Jan-11 23:29:21

grin very good

But as a dog lover

sad too (wuss emoticon)

Vallhala Sun 09-Jan-11 23:32:22

Someone has been reading BIGGSD forum recently methinks!

I haven't seen that in ages, had forgotten about it when all of a sudden someone posted it on BigGSD this weekend.

Just that same day been asked to find rescue for a pair of GSD because a couple have a baby now angry - this came up at a very appropriate time.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 09-Jan-11 23:42:58

grin but sad at the same time.

I wonder how many people will have a SOHF though?

DioneTheDiabolist Sun 09-Jan-11 23:43:56

Hmmm, my DS could do with a some company. I have room for the boy, but not the girl. Are you willing to split them up?

If so I would be willing to take the boy on a trial basis, but must warn you that if he doesn't settle I will pass him on.

Actually, this must be what it is like for foster kids sad.

Vallhala Sun 09-Jan-11 23:45:21

I have 2 teenaged daughters you can have too Dione. Happy to swap for your dog, cat or hamster.

DioneTheDiabolist Sun 09-Jan-11 23:49:26

Valhalla, what are they like and how do they interact with young ones? Do not have a dog, cat or hamster, just an aggressive, self-harming goldfish who's right fussy and constantly trying to escape.

Vallhala Sun 09-Jan-11 23:54:15

They are very untidy but housetrained so won't wee on your carpet, Dione. One redhaired, one blonde, vegetarian but not fussy eaters.

I'll pass on the goldfish thanks. I had a step-sister like that.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 10-Jan-11 00:07:28

If DioneTheDiabolist takes the boy, I'll rehome the girl. She sounds gorgeous and I've always wanted a wee girl. grin

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 10-Jan-11 00:12:56

Don't worry about the vegetarianism. I am experienced in that can deal with it. However, your unwillingness to take Gilbert II off my hands means that I can't take your girls. I couldn't handle them all. It would just be too much. Sorry grin.

Vallhala Mon 10-Jan-11 00:15:21

I'll throw in the ex-husband too, Dione.


DioneTheDiabolist Mon 10-Jan-11 00:22:14

I've already got one of those Valhalla and I will not have another. Not yours, not mine. Never again.

Sorry to crush your hopes. BTW, did you find an effective way of dealing with your step-sis? Right now I'm only just coping by blu-tacking down the lid of the tank.

auntyfash Mon 10-Jan-11 00:28:46

LMAO!! grin

But also what a fab idea! Anyone fancy taking in 5 kids of varying ages?

Vallhala Mon 10-Jan-11 00:39:22


Vallhala Mon 10-Jan-11 00:41:42

Dione, step-sister virtually self-combusted with her own sense of entitlement. Didn'thave to do much at all to be rid of her.

Most satisfying.

JaxTellersOldLady Fri 14-Jan-11 13:52:33

I was just about to come on and rant about FTGH and then realised it was a joke... sort of.


I wish you all the best with rehoming your children, god knows I have thought about it with my 2. wink

valhalla that is just disgraceful! angry

bronze Sun 16-Jan-11 17:44:26

Would be a funny post if it wasn't so sad

actually its still funny though sad

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