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older dogs

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highriggs Sun 09-Jan-11 17:25:09

Following on from the dogs that sleep thread I was just wondering what people who have older dogs do to keep their dogs happy.

My old lady is sixteen and she does sleep a lot. She has two walks a day which she enjoys but are only small walks as she has heart failure and can only go so far. She does still like meeting other dogs but have to be careful as tends to topple over when she gets too with giddy with excitment

Sometimes though I see her just lying in her bed looking very bored and a bit depressed. She is deaf but knows some hand signals but her sight is not so good now.

She does play hunt the hidden food in the house but I can't think of anything else to play with her. Fetching balls makes her unwell as she gallops around too much for her heart and she also topples over as she is a bit unsteady on her legs

All sounds a bit gloomy but she is still keen to go out and about and bounded about in the snow yesterday like a pup and I could see that she felt like a pup again.

My vet is happy for her to do anything she wants to do and follow her lead in activities so am treading a line between her not doing so much that she has seizures but not being so bored.

Any thoughts or tips from owners of older dogs would be much appreciated

minimu1 Sun 09-Jan-11 20:39:27

My oldie still loves her food - so I tend to give her food in treat balls or tug a jug which amuses her while she eats.

She also has hydrotherapy (but that may not be suitable for your dog)

She has several very short walks a day - she also comes and watches my other dogs at agility etc which she loves.

She loves going out in the car and spends time watching what is going on.

My OH has clients that visit and she is always around when visitors come and loves a fuss.

She has a daily groom and nearly purrs she loves it so much.

She does sleep more and this is to be expected but she really does appreciate the extra time spent with her.

highriggs Wed 12-Jan-11 22:54:22

Thank you Minimu

I work at home so with her all the time but have decided to meet friends with older dogs so we can wander on our walks together.She hasn't always been so friendly but now with advancing years is a lot better.

She's not so well at the moment so one walk is all she wants to do. Food is not so important for her.

Bit weepy about her today so will bugger off now

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