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How far to walk puppy?

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PiggyMad Fri 31-Dec-10 12:59:37

My puppy is 14 weeks and has just started going out for walks (which he loves!), but I'm just wondering how far is too far?
I have been doing probably half a mile once a day and another round-the-block-type walk in the afternoons. Is this too much?

iloverhubarbcrumble Fri 31-Dec-10 19:17:54

We understood, from mumsnetters mainly - not sure of primary source! - that 5 mins per age in months per day is about right. And we understood twice a day, though others have said once. So at 14 weeks, that's just 15/20 mins walking, either once or twice per day.

We have a springer spaniel, and after a short time of following this advice to the letter, we upped the time quite a lot. On the advice of our puppy trainer. I really think it has to depend on the breed and also the size of your garden. Ours NEEDED to run in large circles at certain times of the day and simply couldn't fit her routine into our small garden safely! Parts of our walk time are filled with playing with random dogs, sniffing and jumping through bracken - not a route march at all. It is mainly park rather than road based walking, so perhaps safer on the joints.

I'm no expert - also interested to get others opinions.

PiggyMad Sat 01-Jan-11 09:21:37

Thanks ilove - seems we are probably walking him a bit far, especially as he is just a small dog (Shih tzu).
We'll have to start driving him to different parks I think as we'd only get out of our estate and back on a 15min walk!

iloverhubarbcrumble Sat 01-Jan-11 11:53:44

Know what you mean - we usually drive to the park, counter intuitive! - to save the extra 40 mins walking. That would be our whole ration gone!

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