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Skinny Weimaraner 8 months

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weimy Wed 29-Dec-10 20:19:18

Hi just wondered if anyone else had this issue? When she lies down and sometimes when standing I can see her last three ribs.

She is very active and does love her food she is on the barf diet and tbh I have gone back to giving her 3 meals a day but she was not asking to go back on it.

My other two weimys were skinny too but I don't remember them being this skinny. But she does seem to have a longer body?

minimu1 Wed 29-Dec-10 21:20:06

How old is she?

and Sorry what are her poos like?

If otherwise healthy I like to be able to see my dogs last ribs

lifeinagoldfishbowl Wed 29-Dec-10 21:30:27

I thought you were supposed to be able to see the ribs.

BlitzenAndCupidsSleighDodger Wed 29-Dec-10 21:35:24

She is only a baby! You are lucky she doesn't have Wei tummy and enjoys her food.

She sounds perfectly healthy to me, as long as she is active and her stools are fine enjoy her smile Or send her this way! envy

shufflebum Wed 29-Dec-10 21:40:24

I have Vizslas and they are like this, all skin and bone until they are about 3 and then they start to fill out. They just don't keep still long enough to convert any calories to fat! When she is a bit older, over a year if you are not back to barf feeding you could try a working dog food which is higher in calories, protein and oil than regular foods but they can have the negative effect of increasing activity!

Scuttlebutter Wed 29-Dec-10 23:36:28

Doesn't sound too skinny to me. Can't imagine anything worse than a fat Weimaraner. Just make sure her worming is up to date, but she sounds fine. There are far more obese dogs (causing more health problems) than underweight ones.

weimy Thu 30-Dec-10 13:01:48

Thanks guys you have put my mind at rest. Her poos have been a little runny over xmas but I think that is all the excitement.

I just wasn't sure if you should see that much of the ribs

Got a bit sensitive when some small kids called her 'Bitsa Maloney'

Rudolphsnose Thu 30-Dec-10 13:05:06

Nah it's fine. Our Weim was like a famine victim until about 18 months old then she filled out. She's now 3 and is a bit chunky blush

We fed her and fed her and it made no difference but she filled out when she was ready.

weimy Thu 30-Dec-10 20:37:51

thanks xx

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