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My GSD has Hip Dysplasia

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halfa Tue 28-Dec-10 09:50:24

Not really sure what advice or help anyone can give me, but its just such a blow.

Shes 18 months (almost), and has just been diagnosed on x-ray results. Insurance wont pay out, and i dont know how i can afford the treatment for her.

Ive composed an email to the breeder, but know and accept getting any help from there is unlikely, but feel she ought to know.

midori1999 Tue 28-Dec-10 13:59:12

I am sorry to hear this.

What insurance company are you with out of interest? A friend had a similar problem and was insured by a company with a bad reputation and I asked her not to use them, but she insisted. sad

You have done the right thing in informing the breeder, she will at the very least want to know for future breeding purposes.

Have they said your dog definitely needs surgery? Can it wait until she is older? Will they let you pay in installments at all?

halfa Tue 28-Dec-10 19:28:36

Hi Mindori,

Im with E & L. They came recommended from a friend, and seemed reasonable enough. They reckon no insurers would cover hip dysplasia though, as its inherited.

They have suggested medication initially, but this will obviously only mask the pain she is in rather than fix the problem, and then operate in 6 - 12 months allowing her to grow completely before giving her false hips.

midori1999 Tue 28-Dec-10 19:36:34

Same company as my friend. sad That is what they told her too, that it is hereditary, only it isn't necessarily. AFAIK, quite a few insurance companies will and do pay out for hips as my friend, who is a vet receptionist seemed to think they often do. E&L have a pretty bad reputation for paying, I know a few people who have had problems with horse insurance too.

Will you have time to save up for her treatment?

FairyTaleOfNewYork Tue 28-Dec-10 19:58:36

my friends dog has hip dysplasia. he has been medicated now weaned off most of it, but their vet advised very gentle exercise, keep him calm etc etc, and he no longer needs an op now he is older. not sure on the precise details though.

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