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Do you think that Santa will be bringing anything for your dog?

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Madsometimes Sun 12-Dec-10 08:26:43

I was thinking probably not because he has not been a very good boy. He has chewed and scratched the furniture and stolen the children's toys.

However the children think that he does deserve a toy and the pet shop gives them lots of ideas.

BeerTricksPotter Sun 12-Dec-10 08:34:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smoggii Sun 12-Dec-10 12:24:38

Bella's getting two new squeak toys and some turkey schmakos.

If your dog brings joy to members of your family then he does deserve a toy and a new toy might distract him from chewing the furniture for half an hour grin

JaxTellersOldLady Sun 12-Dec-10 16:04:54

yes my 2 (actually 3) will get a turkey dinner, a toy each and some chews. Might get my big boy a new bed too.

misdee Sun 12-Dec-10 16:16:03

yes. big bone each, and a new chew toy each

panettoinydog Sun 12-Dec-10 16:26:32

Our cat gets the wrapping paper to play with.

Your dog needs to be put out in the garden wink

AVeryMerryPersonalClown Sun 12-Dec-10 16:28:47

Oh yes.. extra large Kong Wubbas (the only things they can't destroy), bones and lots of wrapping paper to shred.

They do love shredding paper!grin

allluckedout Sun 12-Dec-10 16:33:50

Today I brought two rope pull toys in festive colours with plastic father christmasses on from poundland! One each and a chew bone not that they deserve it for chewing my new cushions on my sofa!

exexpat Sun 12-Dec-10 16:40:24

Mine gets a new collar for Christmas, and a nice big chew to keep him busy under the table while everyone has lunch. I expect my mum will also get him something - my parents can't cope with a dog of their own any more, but they like having a grandpuppy.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Sun 12-Dec-10 16:45:42

Mine is probably getting an early present, a kitten to play with as her good friend, DS's black mog, suddenly died very recently. Am hoping that in time the kitten and dog will be friends . She can have a pack of pigs ears and a bit of turkey on Christmas day.

BabyDubsEverywhere Sun 12-Dec-10 17:11:56

My new addition has a rawhide stocking, a new blanket, a big teddy, some chews, a squeeky toy, big bone, a coat, and a Christmas Dinner!

I may have gone a little over board blush

But Santa put Reggie on the naughty list so i had to make up fo it grin

ditavonteesed Sun 12-Dec-10 17:15:11

think cherry will be getting a lot of squeaky toys, a new kkong as I cant find hers anywhere, a bone, maybe a new collar.

WoodRose Sun 12-Dec-10 17:37:03

My gorgeous old boy will be getting doggie truffles and shortbread, homemade liver treats hidden in tissue in a box, turkey dinner and a meaty bone from the butcher. He is not that keen on toys anymore, but he LOVES treats! He is giving DD, a keen cook, a copy of "Canine Cuisine" so he can enjoy yummy treats all year round grin

everlong Sun 12-Dec-10 19:55:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JaxTellersOldLady Sun 12-Dec-10 20:36:05

ooh Cath Kidson dog bed...


WoodRose Sun 12-Dec-10 20:38:55

ooooh I think I have dog bed envy!

MmeBucket Sun 12-Dec-10 20:46:32

Santa HAS to bring something for the dog, my DC insist upon it. She's getting a small bag of bacon-flavored dental bones. She's a rescue dog, and is middle-aged, and it is obvious she doesn't know how to play, and never really has caught on to the concept, so I figured I'd get her something practical that she likes.

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