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Insurance for my lab

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sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 00:11:14

I am currently with more than/royal sun alliance and have been from day 1.My dog is 8 yrs old and in good health - insurance is costing £35 per month!
This seems way too much - can anyone recommend a good company to change to?Cheaper would be good obviously but I want to make sure they will actually pay out on claims although (touch wood) we have only ever had one with him.


sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 08:40:21

morning bump anyone?

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 16:51:51

last time

tibni Thu 09-Dec-10 16:56:04

We have Argos insurance - the top cover for our 15 month lab after someone with a lab with allergies recommended it to us.

We have had 1 claim (he has growth / elbow issues) and the premium has gone up some this year (sorry can't remember what and can't get to the paperwork right now). Could be worth getting a quote from them.

labradorforum has a whole section on lab insurance -that might help!

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 16:58:46

thanks tib

Batteryhuman Thu 09-Dec-10 16:58:47

I use tescos and I think i pay similar to that per month for old lab, v old cat and young pup. So might be worth looking at. I have had a number of claims over hte years as the lab was very accident prone and has allergies and tesco has always paid up promptly.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 09-Dec-10 17:04:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 17:04:42

will do thanks

midori1999 Thu 09-Dec-10 17:05:06

We use Sainsburys. They provide full vet fee cover which includes medication for the lifetime of the pet if needed. (lots of policies only pay out for a year) We have made a couple of small claims and they are no problem. Our vet says they have a good reputation. (as did our previous vet|)

We pay £20 per month each for the Goldens and £12 a month forour 'mutt' foster :coughs: pup.

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 17:12:46

tescos quote £10 pm less but max cover up to £4k for each condition - wonder if that will be enough??

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 17:13:20

ta midori will try them now

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 17:17:57

same price sainsbos

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 17:21:58

argh argos £54 pm

pawsnclaws Thu 09-Dec-10 17:55:59

Try go compare, it will list lots of options/prices for you. We found they ranged from about £8 to £80 per month!

sharbie Thu 09-Dec-10 19:05:37

thnaks paws i tried but it came up with loads of companies i hadn't heard of and i really don't want to go somewhere if they aren't likely to pay on any future claims.

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