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Is she or isn't she pregnant?

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Solo2 Thu 02-Dec-10 18:31:31

The mother of our puppy-to-be who was mated 3 weeks ago had an early scan yesterday and the vet doesn't think she's pregnant.sad However, according to the breeder, she's definitely showing signs of pregnancy.confused I don't know whether to be gutted or hopeful?

f she's not showing any puppies/ heartbeats on a scan, would that mean she's definitely NOT PG? They're going to re-scan next week which is the time they should be scanning at 4 weeks post mating.

Any vets and knowledgeable dog people on here - is it normal to NOT be able to detect the pregnancy this early - or does it look like our puppy-to-be isn't going to be - yet?

Also, in my ignorance, I assumed that if a bitch in heat is mated with a stud dog, then she'd definitely get PG but it is more like with humans - when all the timing can be right - but it just doesn't happen?

Joolyjoolyjoo Thu 02-Dec-10 18:41:13

I'm a vet. We usually have a feel at around the 3-week mark because the foetuses are easier to feel at this stage- they feel like little golf balls!- whereas later they become longer and flatter and less obvious. Scanning is usually a good way to detect pregnancies, but with both palpation and scanning puppies can be missed, especially if they are high up in the uterus/ tucked up under the ribcage. Well worth repeating the scan in a week or so, I'd say.

What breed of dog is she- some breeds definitely more prone to "missed- puppy" syndrome than others!

Bitches in heat are a bit like humans- not always predictable! They are in season for 3wks, but will usually only stand for a dog at about day 10-14 (although one of my friend's had a bitch who would only successfully mate at day 19!) How many times was she taken to the stud dog, and on what days? Was she tested for full oestrus (eg swab/ blood test) before she went, or was it just based on timing? It's not an exact science, unfortunately ( unlike cats and rabbits who are reflex ovulators, so get pregnant virtually every time they get mated!)

Unfortunately I never get too excited about "symptoms" of pregnancy, as many bitches suffer pseudopregnancies (false pregs) and have exactly the same symptoms as properly pregnant bitches- even to the extent of getting a swollen abdomen sometimes!

So you'll just have to wait and see, I'm afraid!! Hopefully your vet will be able to tell you more next time they scan. Good luck!

Solo2 Thu 02-Dec-10 19:09:23

They are golden retrievers. I only know that the stud dog came all the way from Spain to the UK to 'do his duty' smile The breeder (who is successful in the world of goldies at showing and judging) is v selective and rarely breeds and I have a feeling this is the bitch's first 'try'.

I don't know how many times or over what period they were mated and I live a good 6 hrs away from the breeder in any case and am relying on her friend to email me. She actually has the bitch as hers in her own family home, although it still belongs to the breeder.

I'm really hoping the bitch is PG as she's one of the gentlest of the v gentle golden retrievers bred by the breeder and we were going to visit her over Xmas. we've already met the other 11 golden retrievers owned by the breeder and a litter of gorgeous puppies in October and completely fell in love!

It sounds as if all we can do is wait and see after next week's scan. Even if she IS PG there are no guarantees that we'll get one of the puppies as we definitely want a boy and are second on the waiting list for boys. The last litter bred from a diffreent bitch had 7 females and 4 males - all who went straightaway to others on the waiting list.

Joolyjoolyjoo Thu 02-Dec-10 19:23:12

Well, retrievers are quite deep chested, big dogs, so there can easily be a puppy (or two!) tucked up where the vet can't see it!

Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick initially and thought it was YOUR bitch- doh!Fingers crossed for her next scan, anyway, and hope you get your puppy soon! smile

midori1999 Thu 02-Dec-10 22:42:45

My vets have always palpated at around 3 weeks and not scanned until day 30-35, precisely because it can be easy to miss puppies before then.

I have known plenty of people who were told no puppies on the scan and the bitch actually was in whelp.

I hope things work out for you, ou've waited a long time for this. As the stud dog came from Spain, has Margaret mated more than one bitch?

Solo2 Fri 03-Dec-10 14:20:17

That sounds a bit more promising. Hi Midori. I don't think she mated more than one as the next litter she mentioned, after the March due one wasn't going to be until May due and it was a different bitch and as far as I know, a different stud dog.

Keeping me fingers croassed fo better news next week!

Solo2 Tue 07-Dec-10 17:49:56

Sad news for us today. She's not PG. So we won't be getting our puppy when we hoped - at the start of March. Very disappointed....sad

The breeder is planning to breed from another of her bitches which might result in a puppy next May...but there are no guaranteees yet....

I know we could go elsewhere but I think we'll just wait as this was the breeder we'd wanted....

Feeling a bit bereft....

midori1999 Tue 07-Dec-10 18:49:42

I'm so sorry for you and for Margaret. It's typical that the best breeders miss matings when all and sundry manage to breed their pets irresponsibly.

You must be so disappointed. It will be well worth the wait though, and it's not all that long really when you'll have around 14 years with the puppy you do get.

Solo2 Fri 10-Dec-10 11:55:04

Thanks for the kind words, Midori. Looking on the bright, it's re-confirmed how much we're all wanting a dog and ready for one. I was on the verge of going out and starting to shop for toys, equipment, crate etc etc. DS2 - who's been the only slightly reluctant one of us about getting a puppy ("Will it eat my things? Will it poo everywhere? Will you love it more than me?") is very upset that we're not getting our puppy in March - so that indicates to me that he really DOES want a puppy.

At least I now have more time to re-structure the furniture in the kitchen to house a big crate, for baby gates and ensure the garden is safe for our pup...not to mention read and re-read all our puppy books!

I hope Margaret does have another litter for May. That would be from the mother (Lucy) of the bitch (Layla) who we'd hoped would have one but didn't.

This whols thing reminds me of trying to conceive and it taking a lot longer than I'd hoped, till I almost despaired and then...had twins!...not that I think we want two puppies at the same time though!

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