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Where to buy a large play pen for a dog?

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Solo2 Sat 27-Nov-10 18:36:12

Where can I buy a good quality pen for our puppy-to-be, who will be a golden retreiver - so need something to accomodate him as he grows? We'd only use it when I can't be right there with him, as I'm training him, until he's properly trained and we'd put his crate inside it too.

What type would people recommend and also what size for this breed of dog?

beautifulgirls Sat 27-Nov-10 22:39:21

Can you not use stair gates to control access to rooms for the time being, and use the crate when he is totally unsupervised? Other than that maybe consider something like the babydan/babyden system which can be quite big and more easily set to your specific requirements.

Avantia Sun 28-Nov-10 08:01:34

There is a load on here


We attempted a play pen ( had a galvenised one already but used it as a guinea pig run )onea ) but ditched after day one as pup ( labrador) jumped up and got paw caught in top. So not good for leaving her unsupervised in it

After 5.5 months have now ditched crate .

She is very good and hasn't destroyed anything by chewing ,except an old trainer of mine and house training came very quickly to her.
She now has her bed under the raditaor in kitchen / diner area .

Solo2 Sun 28-Nov-10 10:14:05

Thanks for these ideas. One reason for a pen is to prevent me having to go round the house, including the kitchen, where the crate will be, and find clever ways of making it puppy proof - eg how do you stop a puppy eating through the wires of telephone/ answerphones, chewing 2 PCs with full workstations etc etc? Do most people have to handbuild screens right around wires/ PCs etc etc?

The other reason is to allow puppy unsupervised in garden that has a large swimming pond....although I asked about this on another thread and might just have to fence it all off....I was just trying to find an easy outdoor/indoor solution that could be extended when needed.

It wouldn't be for much of the time but I can't be right next to the puppy ALL the time for the first 6 months.

Avantia, I thought ALL labs and retrievers were chew-mad? How come yours didn't destroy too much? Were you able to be there 24/7 v early on and redirect unwanted behaviour?

PurpleFrog Sun 28-Nov-10 14:25:41

We have this one in the Xlarge size for our lab.

We are please with it. It was great in the early days for leaving him unsupervised for short periods. Rory is now 5 and a half months and we use it mainly for time out....

He can move it a bit by jumping at the sides, but it still serves its purpose OK. We were looking for a large sized one and this fitted the bill. There wouldn't be a lot of room to put his crate in though..... He has a full size lab-sized crate.

You could peg it down in the garden, but this one cannot be extended.

Avantia Sun 28-Nov-10 17:26:30

Hi Solo
-have been around alot of the time with Mally - however on advice of a dog trainer we have given her a cooked beef bone
(aka postmans leg) she has a good chew on that - also the usual hide chews.

She is never in the front room with all the Tv wires etc unsupervised , our desktop and router is all upstairs and I work off laptop downstairs so again no wires there.

She has just started to lose her teeth so perhaps we might get chewing more !

I honestly did expect more destruction , so either have been lucky or early days yet..

booyhoo Mon 29-Nov-10 15:40:51

hi solo. i have teh lindam hexagon thing for babies but because of teh shape of my living room i am able to pen off an area for WB because the play pen opens out and attatches to teh wall. will be suitable whilst training him as a pup but not once he is bigger as he will be too heavy if he jumps up on teh sides of it.

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