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I know nothing at all about dogs

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saorachd Mon 22-Nov-10 12:50:59

and am not massively fond of them, to be honest.

However, we have a new Border Collie puppy who is only seven weeks old and I have not an earthly clue on what to do for him.

My husband has sheep so the dog will be trained to work them eventually but in the meantime, Dog and I are at home.

We go out hourly for toileting but he pees everywhere. How do I help him to stop? Do you get dog nappies?

We spend a lot of time together (when he is not asleep) but he cries if we are separated eg if I go for a shower etc. I have put one of my woolly jumpers in his bed but he gets very upset if he cannot see me. Is this a phase and will he stop?

The house now smells of dog despite my shampooing all the carpets. I can smell it and it is not very nice. How to get rid of the smell?

He also chews constantly on toes, socks everything. I got him some chew toys but he prefers toes and wrists which hurt. How to stop him chewing at us?

Anything else that would be helpful?

I have been bitten by quite a few collies when I was younger and am a bit scared of them to be truthful. He is a good little dog but a complete mystery to me.

DooinMeCleanin Mon 22-Nov-10 12:59:32

Peeing is easy - you just need to learn to 'read' your pups cues. When he starts circling and sniffing the floor he is looking for somewhere to wee. Pick him and take him outside to where you want him to go, have treats at hand.

As soon as he starts weeing add a command i.e 'toilet' as soon as he is finished give the treat. He'll soon get the hang of it.

The crying when he can't see you is a phase and will stop, he is a baby is all and gets scared when you are not there. I presume he has only just left his litter?

I imagine the smell is in your imagination as puppies really do not smell much, but doggy smell is something you will learn to live with. I don't even notice it anymore and with my scruffy, long haired terrier who loves nothing more than wading into muddy puddles (did I mention he is white?) it must be there.

Chewing - when he is chewing something he is not allowed, quitely take it off him and replace it with one of his toys, don't makje a fuss about it or you will turn it into a game and he will be 'trained' to chew things he is not allowed.

The biting you is called 'mouthing' all puppies do it it is an important part of their development and helps them learn 'bite inhibition' there are a few ways of dealing with it, but what I have been doing with my puppy is 'yelping' the way a litter mate would and placing her on the floor when she bites.

Collies need a lot of specialist training, which I cannot help with, but it sounds like your husband has an idea on that anyway if he planning on using him as a working dog.

WoodRose Mon 22-Nov-10 13:07:12

Is your DH experienced with collies? What advice is he giving you? Collies are not ideal for a first timer - very energetic and emotionally intense. There is a regular poster here Minimu1 who is a dog trainer and very experienced with collies. You may want to appeal for her help directly.

He is very young - only a baby - so he will cry when he is separated from you. I have had 2 collies and looking to get a puppy in the New Year. They ARE VERY HARD WORK but absolutely worth it! Once your collie is tuned into you, you can't imagine a more loyal or loving animal. My in-laws were very anti-dog until they got to know my collies. Our old girl died in June and my "dog despising" father-in-law sobbed

saorachd Mon 22-Nov-10 13:11:54

Thank you so much. smile

Yes, he will be a fully working dog and dh will be training him once the dog is a bit older but meantime he is in the house with me and it is all a bit alien.

His instincts are fascinating and he seems to 'round up' socks and put them into little heaps. There is a separate pile for his chew toys.

My biggest vexation is his habit of pooing once we come inside - we are outside for a good 15 to 20 mins several times during day and night but he has started to poo indoors. Dog poo makes me gag so I have been constantly washing the carpets and floors.

saorachd Mon 22-Nov-10 13:22:05

WoodRose - dh and his family have always kept working collies - the old one died 3 years ago and it was a bugger working the sheep without a dog. Dog was dh's decision and he will be doing the work training but in the meantime I have him here while he is little.

It is intense but I have a feeling that he is forming an attachment to me as I am the one who feeds, excercises and plays with him.

DooinMeCleanin Mon 22-Nov-10 13:25:07

Pooing is the same as the weeing - watch for circling and floor sniffing and he will need to go out about 15 mins after eating or drinking and immediately after waking from a long nap.

Also make sure what you are shampooong the floor with is ammonia free as ammonia will make the smell worse. Pet shops usually sell cleaning stuff especially for accidents.

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