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has anyone got the dyson grooming tool?

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misdee Mon 15-Nov-10 22:24:59

am seriously tempted [eyes up the pile of doodle fur by the door]

PersonalClown Mon 15-Nov-10 22:27:20

Can you do Flupps?? He hates being brushed!

misdee Mon 15-Nov-10 22:33:08

heh. Ralph loves to be brushed. but tom doesnt like ralph to be brushed and gets all jealous grin

Sherbert37 Mon 15-Nov-10 22:41:01

No way my dog would stand for that. She is the sweetest most tolerant dog ever, but really snarls and tries to bite the Hoover. Would love to know if anyone has used it.
Maybe a MN trial?

misdee Mon 15-Nov-10 22:43:37

mine seem to love the dyson. and chase me around when i'm vacumning. mind you ralph is daft, and was puddle jumping today.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 16-Nov-10 12:58:34

Have you got a Furminator? Very good price here and code fun88 will get you another 10% off.

I used mine on my friends Springer the other weekend and their jaws dropped at the amount of coat it removed, it looked like a different dog! They are brilliant.

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