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rabbit or squirrel leg - should I be worried?

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iloverhubarbcrumble Sun 14-Nov-10 16:23:08

Out walking today with 5 month old pup off lead, she suddenly appeared with huge piece of flesh hanging our both sides of her mouth. Gruesome. I though it was a large bird wing, but we now think it was a sheared off leg of rabbit or squirrel - perhaps killed by a fox? - there was a paw coming out one side of her mouth. Lots of pink torn flesh, so quite newly dead. Ugghh.

We freaked - cue chasing and attempting to remove the remains from her. Bad reaction I think now. Mouth clamped shut. She was in seventh heaven with the chasing and blood. Next time I think we will just let her get on with it.

But - any risk do you think? No vomiting or runs yet, 5 hours later. Seems absolutely fine. I was ridiculously shocked to see my little kong chewing sweetie turn into the scavenger she is.... She's never tasted flesh before!!! (well rawhide, but that's not the same).

musicposy Sun 14-Nov-10 17:38:28

She'll probably be alright. Our cat catches mice etc and leaves them dead in the garden hmm which is bad enough, but twice our puppy has gone out and found them before us.

We made the same mistake as you, chasing her and trying to get it off of her. End result being chomp, chomp, swallow - the whole lot. Bones, fur, tail...yuk!

She's done this twice now. First time I was seriously worried at how a whole mouse would come out the other end! But neither time has she had any apparent problems. I guess this is what they would do it they were in the wild.

musicposy Sun 14-Nov-10 17:41:38

Oh, and our older dog found the leg of a deer once. He's very obedient and did drop it - but he'd had a good old chew on it before we realised it wasn't a stick!

minimu1 Sun 14-Nov-10 19:17:17

She is just telling you that she wants to be fed the BARF diet. grin

<goes off to feed her lot a whole rabbit.

iloverhubarbcrumble Sun 14-Nov-10 19:33:54

Ha! smile Thanks both, I have just about recovered now! Happy pup dozing, probably dreaming of rabbits...

Minimu - I think a nice raw bone every now and again will clearly go down v well indeed! <off to read up on that recent post about all things boney>

frostyfingers Mon 15-Nov-10 18:18:19

Of course she loved it - she's a carnivore, and all our efforts to ignore that part of them are in vain. Mine are well fed, but just love any sort of scrap meat they can find - the smellier the better, being hungry is nowt to do with it, it's all about instinct.

Our lab always brings us delicious gifts, that we have to be very grateful for and accept graciously (and then try and chuck over the nearest hedge without her noticing). We had a grey squirrel carcase brought to us on about 6 successive days in the summer, and by the 6th day it really stank - she was thrilled to bits!

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