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Fancy being a Foster Carer?

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Vallhala Tue 02-Nov-10 11:14:54

I received this email today, from German Shepherd Rescue UK. Please get in touch with them - or if GSDs aren't your thing, with your local rescue or other breed rescue - if you feel you could help a homeless dog.

"GSDR are getting an increased number of dogs coming in at the moment, especially neglect cases.

As a result we need more volunteers, especially fosterers. PLEASE consider
this request as we are coming up to a busy time.

Dogs who are found abandoned or neglected really benefit from fostering;
it means they can find their forever home quicker than being in kennels. We can give potential owners better info on the dog they're interested in
adopting because the dog's in a home environment.

Fostering and volunteer form links below: l m.html

Thank you.

Alouiseg Tue 09-Nov-10 21:58:32

I'd love to.

<starts softening dh up>

Scuttlebutter Tue 09-Nov-10 22:30:13

Fostering is wonderful - it is so satisfying to see a dog that you've fostered go on to find happiness in a new home, and to watch them develop and blossom. Am not ashamed of being a great big softy and having a quiet blub when I see a particularly soppy moment of dog/owner interaction.

It's also a great way of finding out how you are at having a dog around you, or even having a taste of more than one. Dogs who've been fostered are always so much easier to place into forever homes because they've been exposed to a much richer environment and the quality of information held by the foster home is brilliant - enough to give a real picture of the dog's nature and characteristics - way better than a kennel.

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