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Anyone watching the current series of four in the bed?

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Saltire Thu 21-Feb-13 11:07:17

I used to like this, but this series I feel the owners are so picky and judgemental. One got marked down and underpaid becasue the decor wasn't to the liking of the one who slept in it.

But they are there to mark value for money not whether the decor is to their taste or not

exmrs Thu 21-Feb-13 11:30:56

I love watching it, some people who go on there i cant understand how they have a business when you see there attitude.
Some of the places ive seen id go just to meet the owners

PenguinBear Thu 21-Feb-13 11:52:30

I love watching it, but do think some people are unreasonable with their scores and pay less than they should!

fussychica Thu 21-Feb-13 14:25:40

I think there are two major flaws to the programme - one is telling them how much the room is - they should judge what they think it's worth and pay that and the other is seeing the comments before the end - the current format makes it easy to game play.

I watch it on delay so I run all the repetative bits/the entertainment and adverts on - which means I watch the whole thing in about 12 minutesgrin

NettoSuperstar Thu 21-Feb-13 14:27:32

DD and I watch the Omnibus on Sundays, there was some bonkers woman on the other week who said the cat hair a guest found in his breakfast was probably bacon rind confused

getagoldtoof Fri 22-Feb-13 21:45:28

It's brilliant. The dodgy format is what makes it so watchable. I love the way the feedback forms can inspire real battles.

Saltire Sat 23-Feb-13 09:43:47

Some people get so wound up though.If someone puts - didn't like breakfast sausage, then the owners sometimes go off on one. Well so what if they don't like the sausages, it doesn't mean you need to change them

zukiecat Sun 24-Feb-13 19:09:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ppeatfruit Sat 02-Mar-13 17:26:43

I LOVE this programme We've got friends with a B&B and they watch it too. I think paying what you think the room is worth is mostly fair e.g. the German lady was charging too highly for her "beautiful house" and she certainly didn't do well!.

MousyMouse Sat 02-Mar-13 17:31:59

I LOVE this program.
especially as I'm stitting with a sprained ankle atm.

ppeatfruit Sat 02-Mar-13 17:39:46

AAh poor Mousy a brilliant rub is eucalyptus (or olbas oil) with either a warm or cold compress whichever you like!

MousyMouse Sat 02-Mar-13 17:48:23

thanks peat
I am sort of enjoying it and dh is great playing with the dc and only letting me get up to use the toilet and bringing me cuppa after cuppa.
omnibus of 4inabed is just what the dr prescribed

Mynewmoniker Sat 02-Mar-13 18:03:11

I'm sure, like Come Dine With Me, the researcher is told to add an odd-ball into the mix. That's what makes it so watchable for me grin

ppeatfruit Sun 03-Mar-13 09:13:42

Yes mynew I always wonder what the researcher looks for. I prefer CDWM when the guests are not totally off the wall. They're always repeating the celebrity ones but they ARE worth repeating!!

Mynewmoniker Tue 05-Mar-13 17:43:24

I'm sad enough to have had the DVD bought for me a couple of years ago. The outtakes if Kim of Agi n Kim 'How Clean is your House?' are unforgettable shock What a state she was in.

awaynboilyurheid Tue 05-Mar-13 18:47:10

Love it too ! but thought Irish lady and daughter were game playing big style last week, its a programme that's strangely addictive! sometimes the b and b's are more like hotels so its hard to compare like with like, i agree pay what its worth would be a better idea

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 08:26:18

awayn isn't that what they do when they put the money in the envelopes?

LIZS Wed 06-Mar-13 08:30:25

We enjoy it on a wintry Sunday afternoon . Always looking for the mad ones , usually women - German mushroom lady , doggy lady and the one with the mega cats who wanted to be buried in her pet cemetery which she showed the guests !

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 08:34:22

Oh yeah I remember the cat lady she was totally off the wall grin

awaynboilyurheid Wed 06-Mar-13 14:06:02

sorry ppeatfruit I don't seem to be clear on posts! know what i mean in my headtho, confusedI actually meant what the other person said when they daid don't tell them the price of the rooms but let them guess how much its worth and put that money in the envelope ,I just thought it a good suggestion thats all!

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 14:21:55

Oh I understand now, yes that's quite a good idea but it would mean taking into account a lot of variables like location, etc. Maybe that would ask too much of some of the participants ? IYKWIM grin

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 14:24:32

Some of the participants don't take into account the low cost of the rooms when it comes to decor and or lack of ensuite bathrooms anyway grin

Mynewmoniker Wed 06-Mar-13 17:28:24

And when they say I wouldn't stay here again because it's not the type of accommodation i book. Why enter the competition if aren't up for variety??? confused

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 18:36:29

Yes exactly Mynew grin Some of them are weird.

oldraver Wed 06-Mar-13 21:58:56

Its turned into a bitchfest, the same as CDWM

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