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New Dr Who series

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LetUsPrey Sun 15-Jul-12 22:42:31

Not sure whether this is old news or not, but according to one of my nephews the new series of Dr Who starts six weeks as yesterday - 25th August.

I've just watched the teaser trailer too. Looks amazing!

NicholasTeakozy Mon 16-Jul-12 15:13:38

How lovely of them to show it on my birthday! grin

poppedoutforapintofmilk Tue 17-Jul-12 17:05:43

Brilliant! I hope the plots are less complicated/convoluted than the last series. I'm of average intelligence I reckon, but at times was struggling to work out what the heck was going on with River, in particular.

LetUsPrey Tue 17-Jul-12 18:37:49

Teaser trailer here

The western episode is, I think, episode three.

It all looks fantastic! grin

Tee2072 Tue 17-Jul-12 20:42:39

Moffat doesn't even know what was going on with River!

wasabipeanut Tue 17-Jul-12 20:45:11

Oooooooohhhhhhhh. <Excited>

NellyBluth Wed 18-Jul-12 20:47:34

Yes, "ooooooooooh" indeed! That's only just over a month away now!

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 13:16:49

eeek excited I saw the trailer and whooped a little grin

RIVER IS my favourite character i adore her
hated the whole amy thing though but I guess they had to do something to resolve who river was

Doomfinger Thu 19-Jul-12 13:52:19

I'm not sure if I'm excited TBH. Looks good but having watched the DT years a few times (thanks to my Whoovian 3yo!) on Watch and Sky+ (my nickname refers to my wedding so you can probably guess which episode is on Sky+ and I'm made to play regularly!) I've decided that since MS/ SM have taken over it's just not the same. I'm not sure if that's down to MS or he's just not getting the storylines.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 14:05:22

oh DT is by far the best recent doctor his storylines were amazing i miss him sad

Ohyoubadbadkitten Thu 19-Jul-12 14:07:49

Why would it start in the summer hols? sad silly schedulers should have put it on the first week in September.

Cakebot Thu 19-Jul-12 15:25:47

I love MS. I think it might be the storylines that are a bit odd, but I think he has the character down to a tee. My Whoovian 5 year old is getting a bit bored of waiting now and has seen the reruns too often. I'm hoping he gets back into it when it comes back on. Cbeebies is driving me to distraction!

Quenelle Thu 19-Jul-12 15:29:48

I'm with Doomfinger. I just can't get into the MS ones. I don't think he's the problem, I think it's the writing. Amy and whatsisname didn't help either.

And I was always a huge fan of the Stephen Moffat episodes in the DT days.

I will still be watching but I haven't re-watched any of the MS ones and I've watched the CE and DT series repeatedly.

ALittleScatterOfRain Thu 19-Jul-12 15:33:11

The trailer looks good, but I'm another one hoping it's less confusing than last series.

When you get the producer on Confidential explaining the plot you know it's got a bit out of hand grin

Cakebot Thu 19-Jul-12 16:25:20

You need to watch the series 6 DVD about 20 times, and then just ignore virtually everything ever mentioned about Rivers timeline ( I love her too, but Moffatt has put some needlessly unexplainable things into her story, like the meetings in reverse order). Then it all makes perfect sense!

Pinot Thu 19-Jul-12 16:30:20


Eruvande Thu 19-Jul-12 17:58:24

Squee indeed. I didn't really enjoy the second MS series, but I'm hoping the departure of Amy and Rory will perk me up a bit. Haven't been able to find the muse for Matt Smith fanfic, so it must be bad grin

Cakebot Thu 19-Jul-12 18:03:54

I'm really surprised no one seems to like Smith on here. He always comes across as a bit of a prat in real life, but as the Doctor, DH and I took to him immediately and DS adores him, so much so that he has a trademark bow tie collection of his own! He has seen the DT episodes too, but luffs MS.

BertieBotts Thu 19-Jul-12 18:05:28

I adore him as the doctor.

So excited! grin

NellyBluth Thu 19-Jul-12 18:32:20

Love MS as the Doctor too. I mean, I love DT too, but while DT was blatantly the 'fit' Doctor, but MS is doing an incredible job of seeming so old, which DT never quite nailed. Plus amusingly batty too. I think I actually found the MS series funnier in general. (Just caught up with the Craig/Cybermen episode, which reminded me how funny MS can be - "Have you redecorated? I don't like it...")

Jux Thu 19-Jul-12 18:51:47

Oh I do hope they get rid of River and that silly story line.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 19:37:46

Oh i do like him Its not that i dont i just preferred david <swoon> he was a good doctor no , although i couldnt stand Rose tyler she did my head in and had a horsey face grin

NO sweetie River is amazing i adore her,

Doomfinger Thu 19-Jul-12 19:41:24

It feels like they've swapped the scripts for Sarah-Jane Adventures. I think it's all in the script. I think I'd feel better about MS if he had the powerful scripts that DT had.

StetsonsAreCool Thu 19-Jul-12 19:43:33

Eeee! Excited!

I thought I would never accept another doctor after DT but I do luff MS more than I suspect is reasonable. Hence my nickname blush

Agree with nelly wrt river's timeline. When I think of it as just mixed up rather than back to front it helps.

Can't wait now!

LetUsPrey Thu 19-Jul-12 19:43:44

I liked River but the storyline made my brain want to fall out of my ears.

DH is in the DT as Doctor Who camp. I prefer MS.

I liked Donna because, whilst the Doctor/Rose falling for each other thing was very lovely, I prefer it when that romantic frisson isn't there IYSWIM.

I flipped between not liking Amy and liking her on a regular basis. One thing I did like about her though was her nail polishgrin [shallow].

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