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Footballer's wives....

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eidsvold Thu 18-Aug-05 06:26:53

A new series has started here in Aus - it is the one where the opening show - Tanya Turner and that Amber have their babies. WIth the return of the psycho nurse Janette..... rape whilst footballers on jolly in Spain.

Dh and I used to watch it and have a bit of a laugh BUT this is sooooo OTT it is just bizzare.

Has anyone seen this series and does it just get worse and worse.....???

MrsGordonRamsay Thu 18-Aug-05 06:55:20


I gave up after about threee episodes.

Kayleigh Thu 18-Aug-05 07:30:47

It was bizarre - totally OTT and unbelievable. But I was still hooked all the way to the end

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