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nailpolish Tue 16-Aug-05 11:03:01

whens it on again? cant bear to miss it

Enid Tue 16-Aug-05 11:03:59

Wednesday night channel 4 (episode 3) at 10 then the next ep (4) on E4 at 11

Frizbe Tue 16-Aug-05 11:04:09

Tomorrow! defo on E4, think also on C4

nailpolish Tue 16-Aug-05 11:05:27

im not sure if i like the next episode on the E4, what do you watch the next week?

but thanks for the reminder, thought i had missed it last night (phew)

Enid Tue 16-Aug-05 11:14:14

yes agree, now we no longer have sky + (sob) I will have to get into watching it on C4 as e4 is too late for me.

I might not watch any then rent the dvd.

Kayleigh Tue 16-Aug-05 11:36:36

watched the first two episodes last night on video. I LOVED it ! God isn't Jack gorgeous. He was gorgeous as the big brother in Party of Five - but now .... Phoooaaarr

pesha Tue 16-Aug-05 12:05:37

I agree about the e4 thing, watched it last week on e4 cos i was really into it so now i either got to stay up til midnight watching it this wk and every week on e4 or wait a whole nother week b4 i get my next fix.

How sad am i?!

emily05 Tue 16-Aug-05 19:44:03

This is the best show I have seen in ages - really loved it. There are some great websites littered with spoilers - so think that I wont be on mumsnet as much lol!

milosmum Tue 16-Aug-05 20:06:49

do you guys have any theories- as i have one but i want to know if you actually want to hear it? i love matthew fox- really liked him in party of five when that was on ..... it is fantastic though!

emily05 Wed 17-Aug-05 18:02:06

milosmum - seen loads of theories on the lost website. - whats yours? come on tell!

Nbg Wed 17-Aug-05 18:03:46

I'm quite looking forward to tonight.

I have a theory too MM.

desperatehousewife Wed 17-Aug-05 18:20:10

I completely loved it, but was disappointed wihth it - thought it was so incredibly cheesy and as my husband said "not enough wailing in it to be even remotely realistic". Gutted it's on so late though - why can't it be 9-10? Can't wait.

RnB Wed 17-Aug-05 18:29:25

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Wed 17-Aug-05 18:30:31

R&B - I think I have...will double check for you.

RnB Wed 17-Aug-05 18:36:13

Message withdrawn

milosmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:23:30

ok then- i think they are in the bermunda triangle!!!!- it said in the first one that they were so far off course they has no idea where they were, the signal had been going for 16 years but noone had recieved it- sounding to me like nobody could recieve it, and not forgetting of course the polar bear!

my dh isn t having any of it- he thinks its a play island for the rich- as in killing games and all...... what do u think?

Yorkiegirl Wed 17-Aug-05 19:33:42

Message withdrawn

Nbg Wed 17-Aug-05 19:34:32

My theory is it's someones dream, most likely the Dr's.

But that is just a wild guess as opposed to a theory I suppose. It's was quite a normal drama until they threw in the Polar Bear!

spursmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:40:05

Im leaning towards a jurrasic park style island. I.e. someones been playing with genetics and let them loose on the island when they left(or had been dedded by their ungodly creations which I personally would prefer!). Can you tell that I think about this too much?

milosmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:40:09

i read a theory like that ngb in a newspaper but do you not think that just tooo Dallas?

milosmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:41:55

spursmum- my hubby thought it could be that- the only thing that made me question that was the fact that the trees move but its like theres nothing there????

Nbg Wed 17-Aug-05 19:43:48

It is very Dallas!

I really want to know. I just really really hope that there's no monsters in it. As I have mentioned before!

milosmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:44:53

bet we have to wait until episode 24 to find out!

Hayls Wed 17-Aug-05 19:45:00

RnB, I think I've got the 2 from last week on tape if you want them

spursmum Wed 17-Aug-05 19:45:13

Thanx milosmum. its nice to know that Im not the only one who thinks like that!!. The trees could be moved by lots of little ankle-biter creatures. Maybe I should find something else to do with my brain?

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