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QueenOfQuotes Mon 15-Aug-05 22:12:16

Harby, Nottinghamshire. Earlier this year, this ordinary village faced an extraordinary week. For seven days, the women left. The men and children were forced to cope without girlfriends, wives, and mothers. And on top of this, they also had to cope with each other. They had a variety of projects to complete - together - in their week without women.

Millionaire Pete decides the best way to manage without his wife is to replace her, and so hires a butler for the week. 12 year old Patrick becomes president of the newly-formed Democratic Union of the Children of Harby, and holds his first meeting. Strong language.

QueenOfQuotes Mon 15-Aug-05 22:20:45

BUMP - starts in 10 minutes.

TwinSetAndPearls Mon 15-Aug-05 22:41:02

The men in question were on woman's hour this morning, it sounded quite interesting although the programme has been panned by the critics.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 16-Aug-05 11:16:32

Anyone else watch this last night.

Found it quite amusing when the millionaires wife took £1000 spending money for her solitary trip to their villa in Cyprus - while the rest of the women set off to Centerparks LOL.

Even stranger was when he went shopping to Asda and was actively looking at the special offers wanting to be 'thrifty'

Also quite funny that no-one thought of organising some people to look after the children so they could have their meeting in peace LOL

Caligula Tue 16-Aug-05 11:28:46

Damn. Meant to watch it but missed it.

Hulababy Tue 16-Aug-05 20:42:10

I watched this as two people I work along side live in this village, with their children, and took part. Becuase of the nature of our work they were not able to be shown on Tv though.

Miaou Tue 16-Aug-05 22:50:54

OMG this is hilarious!!

NONE of the men have sussed that in order to keep the kids entertained they have to ... er... entertain them

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