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I'm sorry but i'm missing Big Brother already!!

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mandymoo Mon 15-Aug-05 22:05:53

10pm and no big brother to watch!! Friday night is gonna be unbearable!

basketcase Mon 15-Aug-05 22:09:03

me too. Got into the habit of opening that bottle of wine, sitting around with sis and bil and bitching like mad about all the contestants. Ho hum, gonna have to think up new conversations for Friday and get some new obsessions...gonna be tricky

mandymoo Mon 15-Aug-05 22:10:28


Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 22:14:55

Message withdrawn

mandymoo Mon 15-Aug-05 22:17:49

X Factor wont fill the void that BB has left in my life!!!!! (well, it probably will tbh but i wanted to sound dramatic!!)

hamster Mon 15-Aug-05 22:18:06

The lonely, empty space on ch4.....sniff, sniff!

I CAN'T wait for the next episode of 'Lost' though, anyone else?

Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 22:23:54

Message withdrawn

Eugenius Mon 15-Aug-05 22:29:22

Drek's on Graham Norton tonight 10.35 pm

Are you watching E4 at 7.30 - what they did next? it's crap but if you're missing the hm's it'll help

Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 22:50:37

Message withdrawn

Eugenius Mon 15-Aug-05 23:09:36

every night - following them all - I think there's a winner's programme after this lot!

Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 23:11:44

Message withdrawn

Eugenius Mon 15-Aug-05 23:21:50

the reunion prog was pretty poor - you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife

watched the first - what they did next prog tonight - oh Lordy - it's dire - appearing in local clubs and the like - tomorrow you will see Saskia and Maxwell karaoking together - bleurggghhh! Sad that I am, I'll still be watching

Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 23:26:49

Message withdrawn

milward Mon 15-Aug-05 23:31:02

Watched on friday but never got into this bb. Just felt like they had nothing to do all day. Hope next years is more interesting.

Eugenius Mon 15-Aug-05 23:41:12

I think they do Kylie and Jason

spacedonkey Tue 16-Aug-05 15:33:53

Weirdly I feel liberated now it's over, and slightly soiled after spending so much time following it this year!

I was v disappointed that Anthony won. He's so shallow.

tiredemma Tue 16-Aug-05 15:41:11

its not all bad, you can read about makosi's various sexual partners and techniques etc all week in the sun. like, who cares?????

and i heard on my local radio this morning that Ant has now got an agent and is charging a fee for any interviews he will doing hence forth.
considering he is the most unarticulate person i have ever seen, i find him charging to hear all about his bb experience, an insult quite frankly!!

roll on x-factor.

Blu Tue 16-Aug-05 15:52:06

I hate to ask, but, um, who won?

spacedonkey Tue 16-Aug-05 15:52:51

Blu, it was Anthony the Inarticulate Geordie

Eugenius Tue 16-Aug-05 18:55:25

SD - feel exactly as you do!

I'm kind of ashamed I get so drawn in - heigh-ho!

ks Tue 16-Aug-05 19:06:14

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Tue 16-Aug-05 19:08:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eugenius Tue 16-Aug-05 19:21:34

ks - not an actress in the true sense - but she's good at it iykwim

jamboure Wed 17-Aug-05 22:04:03

i miss bb too

Blu Wed 17-Aug-05 22:09:05

I watched it a few times and can't even remember him.
The 'default' option amongst the freakshow, then!

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