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Repeat of THAT episode of wife swap on now

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Posey Mon 15-Aug-05 21:03:12

Did anyone see it last time?

charliecat Mon 15-Aug-05 21:04:15

oh yes, still think of how she got rid of the kid to have a bit of nooky in the middle of the afternoon.

Thomcat Mon 15-Aug-05 21:09:33

Ohhh, tuning in now, didn't see it 1st time round.

Posey Mon 15-Aug-05 21:13:16

I feel like cringing already. Don't know if I can bear to watch again.

LilacLotus Mon 15-Aug-05 21:15:02

i'm watching and haven't made up my mind who is the worst yet.

Nbg Mon 15-Aug-05 21:15:51

I haven't seen this one.

Is she for real though?

jenk1 Tue 16-Aug-05 11:29:06

which wife swap, i thought u were talking about lizzie bardsley who lives down the road from me, but then i realised she didnt get rid of the kid to have nookie-someone tell me which one it was,thanks

sparklymieow Tue 16-Aug-05 11:31:14

The 'mindful wife' one!! I didn't watch it last night, once was enough!!

meggymoo Tue 16-Aug-05 11:31:17

Message withdrawn

Aragon Tue 16-Aug-05 11:31:42

lizzie bardsley - is she really that gobby?

LittleMadamOfManchester Wed 17-Aug-05 12:24:57

jenk, are u from Milnrow?

jenk1 Wed 17-Aug-05 15:07:54

sorry, no im not from milnrow but live about 4 miles away but i know people who have had dealings with her and yes she is that gobby!

LittleMadamOfManchester Wed 17-Aug-05 15:31:57

ooohh jenks, I am from Rushcroft at the top of Shaw, know it?

expatinscotland Wed 17-Aug-05 15:44:05

Yeah, it's the 'mindful' wife, whose husband has to be one of the world's biggest pricks.

Poor kid!

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