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Elgoogreven Sun 16-May-10 22:25:47

Who is the actor playing boy george and what do i know him from?

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tulpe Mon 17-May-10 18:00:32

A truly fabulous piece of drama. I loved it from start to finish. Am also surprised to hear that the actor who played George was just 17. Amazing. Felt very nostalgic and in need of a school disco moment

We definitely need more drama on tv rather than all these dance/singing/reality tv shows. I am so bored with them.

I am looking forward to the rest of the 80's series now - will they be shown each Sunday?

TheFoosa Mon 17-May-10 18:42:16

Money starts next Sunday

vvvv excited about that grin

skidoodly Mon 17-May-10 18:50:59

Yes Douglas booth is so beautiful I could cry.

I've been listening to Will You all day. Dd and I have been singing along, but she got very annoyed at the words and insisted we sing "will you just politely say hello" (she's 2, not worth the tantrum)

said Mon 17-May-10 19:54:35

Oh, I thought Kirk Brandon was dead. The BG actor was, indeed, much better looking than BG ever was.

Was the John Moss/BG relationship all kept secret at the time or was I just too young to notice? I'm sure I only discovered John Moss was gay about 10 years ago.

BendyBob Tue 18-May-10 09:02:15

Lol oh dear BG doesn't like it! (Mind you the link is to the Sun..grin)

jeep Tue 18-May-10 09:03:23

i agree with him - a crazy mad story told very blandly

fartmeistergeneral Tue 18-May-10 09:13:25

I was a big CC fan back in the day and did enjoy the programme but felt it lacked something, not sure what. Perhaps tried to cram too much in - there was a sudden leap from George meeting Mikey to them suddenly being No1 and on TOTP.

I was aware of the Jon Moss/George relationship, but only a few years after CC split I think. Jon Moss was in a relationship, maybe married, and wasn't keen AT ALL in George blabbing on about it. I'm sure Kirk Brandon was the same! I didn't know about that at all, I know now he sued George but lost, but he must have been sitting in his house cringing on Sunday night!!

Prolesworth Tue 18-May-10 09:17:44

Message withdrawn

sharbie Tue 18-May-10 09:18:44

And wayyyyyyyyyyy too good looking.grin Voice was about right tho.

Prolesworth Tue 18-May-10 09:19:42

Message withdrawn

sharbie Tue 18-May-10 09:21:31

I meant the speaking voice - yeah singing was miming wasn't it ?

Prolesworth Tue 18-May-10 09:24:30

Message withdrawn

sharbie Tue 18-May-10 09:27:13

It was such a good programme though wasn't it?
I tried to watch the one last night about the royal wedding but gave up after half an hour.
Loving the 80s revival at the mo - my time!

Prolesworth Tue 18-May-10 09:30:31

Message withdrawn

sharbie Tue 18-May-10 09:32:54

We're the same age then grin.I spent the day at my best friends house (still bfs now) and I even remember what I wore that day for the street party.Happy days smile.
Pernod lol.

MrsWright10 Tue 18-May-10 09:34:59

Just checked and this is out on DVD on the 5th July... don't think it's going to be repeated....

ijustwanttobeme Tue 18-May-10 20:43:21

I loved this too- was a massive CC fan back in the day.Also watched the boys and girls/new romantic/futurist thing on after -plus the soft cell prog after that!!

Such an 80's girl mesmile

Had yesterday off and just you tubed loads of the vids etc and had a reminisce..

Reread the words to 'victims' and it made me all teary at the thought of George and all the torment he must have been going through first with KB and then of course JM.

Plus did you all see TOTP last week with all the 80's stuff? That was fab too.

sharbie Tue 18-May-10 21:16:52

Of course wink and after Ashes to Ashes every week (red button).Singalong at the top of my voice!

kittya Wed 19-May-10 22:05:59

I saw Boy George at a small venue afew weeks ago. I couldnt beleive it when I saw Jon Moss there too. I was an 80's child and a huge fan. When he sang Victims in that small venue with Jon watching him I went all shivery. I must admit I never saw them talking to each other at this gig so, I wonder how they are now? Oh, it brought back so many memmories that drama. Is Marilyn still alive? The programme afterwards about music was ace but it was on far too late.

sharbie Thu 20-May-10 08:23:59

Oooh not sure about Marilyn - hope so.He always made me smile on tv etc and thought he was good fun in the programme.How strange that BG and JM were together at the gig.

ohmeohmy Thu 20-May-10 08:38:22

I once saw Marilyn in SpudULike Camden High Street around 1985. Can't remember what topping he had.

sharbie Thu 20-May-10 08:53:43

Spud u Like grin

kittya Thu 20-May-10 14:54:46

they werent together. George was singing Jon was watching. I didnt see them speak to each other. I always thought Jon was handsome, hes titchy though!

sharbie Thu 20-May-10 16:00:29

Sorry I meant in the same room type of together.I thought their split was very acrimonious at the time.Glad they got over it.
I always find famous people are tiny in RL.

fartmeistergeneral Thu 20-May-10 16:21:42

I heard Mathew Horne speaking to Jonathon Ross and he said there was an incident where Jon attacks George with a hammer and that they covered that in the programme, don't remember that bit? When was that?

Also, yes Marilyn is alive and well and living with his mother in London. He's broke apparently. I read on Wiki (!) that he was asking people through his myspace page to send him money for a new computer, but who knows if that's true.

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