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'come outside'..found anything similar?

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pixie54 Fri 29-Jul-05 19:57:34

My DD (2.5) absolutely loves this programme.
Does anyone know of anything similar.....i.e with a heavier factual content rather than the razzle dazzle normally associated with Childrens tv..I've tried BBC schools but can't find anything. She hates things like Balamory and Big Cook Little Cook for example.

WigWamBam Fri 29-Jul-05 20:01:00

Tikkabilla has quite a lot of factual stuff amongst the songs and stories, it's sometimes quite interesting even for the grown-ups.

Something Special is very different as well.

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 22:53:02

Come Outside used to be shown in amongst schools progs when DS2 was preschool - there was a slot at 9.45 I think, on BBC2, with CO, Storytime, Numbertime and 2 others which I forget - will see what I can find.

Playbus used to have a factual film on one of the days - Whybird I think, and the Patch stop used to have outdoors/wildlife films.

Rosie and Jim is always educational too and I seem to remember Tots TV is similar (have vivid memory of those soft puppety legs "jumping" up and down in a duck pond once!)


Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 22:57:47

Have a look through this list , pixie - don't know if it's one you've already looked at?

Come Outside is listed for pre-school, also something called RazzleDazzle, but I found most of the progs for age 4-5 and 5-6 were OK for a 3-yr-old. Words and Pictures is one of the ones I forgot. Not sure if Watch is OK or too old.

QueenOfQuotes Fri 29-Jul-05 22:58:45

Don't know what it's called as I seem to keep missing the beginning and end, but there's a programme on Cbeebies at the moment, about 11.20/30ish with a dog called "Floppy" - I know DS1 has been quite excited because he's "learning to read" with it - and it shows some 'common' words (today was "I") actually written out as they're saying it.

DS1 (and 2) also both LOVE Discovery Kids, at the moment as it's the holidays it's all 'older' kids stuff (and while nothing too scary - some pretty gross stuff ). But during term time it's got a programme called "Mighty Machines" which is fabulous.

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 22:59:35

(Of course the schools progs are off for the summer, no wonder I can't find a schedule for them, duh!)

WigWamBam Fri 29-Jul-05 23:10:36

QoQ - the programme with the dog called Floppy is called The Magic Key - it's based on the Oxford Reading Tree books.

QueenOfQuotes Fri 29-Jul-05 23:14:12

aha Thanks WWB - DS1 loves it

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 23:22:07

Magic Key

I thought Floppy was a familar name for a dog - DS2 had Oxford Reading Tree!

QueenOfQuotes Fri 29-Jul-05 23:24:27

DS1 only starts school in September - so I'm completely clueless on these things at the moment - is the Oxford reading Tree a common one for schools?

IE - is DS1 likely to come across "Floppy" during the next year or two at school?

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 23:32:02

ORT is v v common, QoQ, and IIRC they do start in Reception - there are books with either no words, or only one per page, to begin with - it's a very effective reading scheme and the stories and characters are interesting and fun (though they do get a bit yawnsome for the parents!).

NB There are other reading schemes of course, can you check with DS's school what they use?

WigWamBam Fri 29-Jul-05 23:32:26

My dd starts Reception in September and her school uses Oxford Reading Tree. The books are easy enough to get hold of as well, about £2.50 each to buy, or some libraries have them.

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 23:33:32

ORT online

Janh Fri 29-Jul-05 23:35:42

(As well as the scheme itself there are lots of different books on each level so they don't progress too fast and can consolidate what they've learned.)

QueenOfQuotes Fri 29-Jul-05 23:47:15

Have to wait until September to found out what scheme they use - hope it is ORT - as DS1 is absolutely tranfixed with the programme on Cbeebies and would SO thrilled to find "floppy" when he starts school.

Actually - it's probably on all the mountains of information they gave us at the parents evening a few weeks back - but don't have the energy to plough through it all again LOL

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