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How many posts can we do in

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madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:53:25

eight minutes?

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:53:50

Not many I wouldn't imagine.

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:53:53

thats 2

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:54:05

We're not prolifit posters on this site.

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 16:54:15


SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:54:20

prolific even.

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 16:54:32

why what you doing?

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:54:43

What not even if I post somthing offensive

RTKangaMummy Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:02


madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:16

trying to get more than 49

ScummyMummy Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:22

why 8 minutes?

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:32

posts in

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:48

eight minutes

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 16:55:50

go on - give it a amazes me how many posters come flying out of nowhere for a bit of controversy!

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:06

cos its less than 9 minutes

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:12

I would imagine if you post something contraversial or imply that bottlefeeders or breastfeeders (take your pick) are span of satan you'd do quite well.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:36

Pro MMR? Anti MMR? GF for Prime minister?

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:40

you have just seen the troll havent you?

lalaa Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:41

quick quick

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 16:56:58

lol souply - i was just aboutg to suggest breast v bottle

ScummyMummy Tue 26-Jul-05 16:57:03

Stealing grapes is wrong.

madmarchhare Tue 26-Jul-05 16:57:36

baby pasta anyone?

flamesparrow Tue 26-Jul-05 16:57:58

How can stealing grapes be wrong when they taste so good????

Is stealing wine wrong too?

ScummyMummy Tue 26-Jul-05 16:58:00

I may be a bottle feeder but I still got brians

swiperfox Tue 26-Jul-05 16:58:02

WHY do people get wound up about eating grapes in the supermarket???? it keeps the kids quiet!!

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