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MaloryTowers Mon 25-Jul-05 22:12:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kama Mon 25-Jul-05 22:13:14

Message withdrawn

womba1 Mon 25-Jul-05 22:14:56

Anthony... the best of a bad bunch!!

vickiyumyum Mon 25-Jul-05 22:15:10


mismatch Mon 25-Jul-05 22:25:29

Anthony - he deserves it if not for putting up with Craig

charleepeters Mon 25-Jul-05 22:37:57


kid Mon 25-Jul-05 22:44:18

Anthony, although I don't like him around Craig.

Fauve Mon 25-Jul-05 22:54:47

I don't want either of them to win, but I think it'll be Anthony or Craig, unless Derek manages to blow the Big Romance wide open by egging Craig on to push his luck.

Gobbledigook Mon 25-Jul-05 23:00:14


Deffo not that Makosi - what a pure bitch. So f*cking stupid as well. Last time when Eugene was doing his own task she blurted it out and what for? She would have benefited from the reward so why didn't she just pretend she hadn't twigged? And if she made the mistake that time- why on earth is she daft enough to do it again with Orlaith. And saying 'oh she's so blonde' is outrageous - what the hell is that meant to mean? Silly cow.

calm, breathe, breeeeeeathe....

peaceandlight Mon 25-Jul-05 23:01:07

Anthony or eugene

Fran1 Mon 25-Jul-05 23:35:28


At first it was makosi.

Then it was Derek.

But Anthony has done it now. What patience that man has!! and his humour is entertaining me now.

Possibly the only sane one in the house also!

Eugenius Mon 25-Jul-05 23:38:32

Mr Bland? Anthony? Mr Nice?

thats not what BB is about!

My favourites have changed with the wind this season - but deffo don't want Orlaith to win or Anthony really - all the others, love em or hate em have made a cracking programme this year

Fran1 Mon 25-Jul-05 23:41:28

I'd have agreed with your view on Anthony a week ago.

But in the last week he has thoroughly entertained me. He is hilarious with the Craig scenarios.

The hunk of the show out to get man points is now sheepishly cuddling his Gay friend and coping with the crush soooo well. I'd have thought he'd be too concerned about what his friends will say, but obviously when you're in a house full of nutters that is not a concern!!

edgetop Mon 25-Jul-05 23:45:54

kemal because he is differant

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 26-Jul-05 08:10:04

anyone but makosi or craig..... get the pair of them out NOW!

elsmommy Tue 26-Jul-05 08:17:26

Eugene, hes fantastic!!

I'd love to go for a drink (of tea) with him

nutcracker Tue 26-Jul-05 08:56:53


Raspberry Tue 26-Jul-05 08:58:14

Derek - the only 'real' person in the house still, otherwise dull Anthony

MaloryTowers Tue 26-Jul-05 16:58:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mosschops30 Tue 26-Jul-05 17:01:59

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Tue 26-Jul-05 17:33:52

I'd love Anthony to win.

MaloryTowers Wed 27-Jul-05 16:10:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Wed 27-Jul-05 16:12:25

Anyone BUT Makosi or Anthony - who is WAY too up himself to be a man. He's a tampon and a dull one at that.

Mytwopenceworth Wed 27-Jul-05 16:13:06

erm, am I the only person in the country who doesn't watch big brother? I don't have a clue what everyone is on about on these BB threads! There must be someone else who doesn't watch, surely?

nailpolish Wed 27-Jul-05 16:14:50

kemal, he is utterly fantastic in the diary room

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