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jamboure Fri 22-Jul-05 10:18:54

other one too long

loulabelle222 Fri 22-Jul-05 10:37:48

i agree and i just wanna read it all!

Please get science out he is driving me round the bend!!!!!!! i started to like him after maxwell went but all he does is think about himself and his attitude stinks! Orlaih loves herself too though mind but she is 100 times better than science.
O and get makosi out she is a little bitch!
Anthony to win!

lucylady Fri 22-Jul-05 10:39:37

Anthony and Craig will be the final two housemates...

jamboure Fri 22-Jul-05 10:42:03

What was orlaith like when she was talking to craig in the loft

"I so want to go on friday, but I KNOW THE PUBLIC WILL KEEP ME IN"

A bit up herself dont you think

lucylady Fri 22-Jul-05 10:43:50

Yes definately. I think shes playing a game. She really wants to stay while pretnding shes desperate to go!! She wants to win.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:20:29




Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:23:15

Message withdrawn

lucylady Fri 22-Jul-05 11:23:18

Orlaith needs to go but I think your mate Science will be going.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:26:45

But all of her beauty routine will be wasted if she stays

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:27:14

have put a link from the old thread

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:28:40

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:30:58

AFAIK finishes on 12th august

where are you going?

take a laptop with you!!!!!!!!

or a portable tv

W0MBAT Fri 22-Jul-05 11:33:34

Science has to go as he thinks the public approves of his behaviour as he has avoided 3 evictions so far! Could you put up with him? I certainly couldn't.

Eugenious Fri 22-Jul-05 11:34:50

I don't think there is a chance that Science will go tonight - no way!

I'm ambivalent I don't like either of them!

lucylady Fri 22-Jul-05 11:35:02

That means BB must be planning a double eviction at some point because after tonight there will be 7 left to evict in 3 weeks.

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:35:15

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:36:12

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:41:01

must have an internet cafe in disneyland that uyou could report to us for updates

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 11:41:42

did you see craig and ant last night???????????

puppy love

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:42:02

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:42:38

Message withdrawn

Eugenious Fri 22-Jul-05 11:43:21

Aimsmum - he's sulking under a duvet

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 11:44:23

Message withdrawn

Eugenious Fri 22-Jul-05 11:47:36

Ha, ha, ha!

oh, oh, oh ooooooooooooooooh - aaah!

Craigtastic Fri 22-Jul-05 11:48:20

My - I feel mighty fine today!

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