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One Born Every Minute - 16.3.10 at 9pm

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FabIsDoingPrettyWell Tue 16-Mar-10 19:28:23

Don't forget.

oldbird58 Sun 05-May-13 22:19:14

MissyMooanherBeaverofSteel - lovely name ... Mumsnet .. great .. I was just warning everybody who watched the programme that it may not be quite as clear cut as it seems ... I am certainly not going to go into too much detail and I also did not go trawling through threads to find this ... I was told by a friend .... that being the case - I feel sorry for his wife then, and now which are neither me or Shelagh and feel particularly sorry for his two sons who had to watch a programme where he declared that he hadn't seen them because he was in the army ... he was in the army and chose not to see them - it was certainly not primarily because of operational movements, and this programme which was unexpected and hurtful opened scars which have still not healed for them. I certainly wasn't making assumptions about people and I would appreciate if you did the same.

MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel Mon 29-Apr-13 14:08:38

Did you seriously go searching for threads from a programme on 3 years ago to tell us to take a story most of us won't remember with a bucket load of salt?

I think since you are showing an alarming amount of 'bitter ex' behaviour I'll take anything you say with a cellar full of salt oldbird confused

oldbird58 Mon 29-Apr-13 14:00:07

Suprisingly there is a very complicated back story and although I too thought that 'One Born every minute' was a lovely programme - the stories are not quite as they seem and do not seem to be checked out by the makers ... I am Richards ex wife..... so would advise every tale is taken with a huge bucket load of salt....

comixminx Thu 25-Mar-10 11:22:53

Just watched this last night (recorded) - aw! It did give me worrying dreams though. Am only 17 and a half weeks, so a bit early for all that yet! DP was a bit disturbed by it all too (it's our first, can you guess?) - blood and pain and being whisked off! Seeing the babies at the end was really lovely though.

I thought both mums were great, and liked Richard a lot - thought Ben was a bit soppy though.

whifflegarden Tue 23-Mar-10 21:10:10

no reflection on your winning personality, but i'm off to look for action on the other thread grin

whifflegarden Tue 23-Mar-10 21:08:56

he he he. What did you do?

JollyPirate Tue 23-Mar-10 21:02:24

Am here - there is another thread going but I got told off there.blush

whifflegarden Tue 23-Mar-10 21:01:22

where is everyone?

ooosabeauta Wed 17-Mar-10 21:25:58

Absolutely loved Shelagh and Richard. What a wonderful man. Didn't she remind you of the trucker in Gavin and Stacey when she first walked in? Seemed like a perfect romantic story, and made me weep by the end.

Megglevache Wed 17-Mar-10 15:49:39

I watched this today as I'd Sky+'ed it.

Oh my, I was not expecting to react in quite the way I did.

I started to shiver when Shelagh got carted off. Same happened to me (distressed baby and C-section scar started to give way)although I was screaming to my poor dh to not dare leave me and poor dh was sobbing.

I really felt for them both. It made me realise how much I must've bottled up all those feelings after dd was born.

I'm glad they were all ok.

BettyButterknife Wed 17-Mar-10 15:33:21

I had an IV with mine because of a fibroid - they were worried I might haemorrhage and so got one ready just in case. Maybe something similar for Penny?

RebeccaRabbit Wed 17-Mar-10 14:13:04

Beetroot wrote: "weird for him - not being the biological dad...amazing that he wants to bring him up"

Not weird at all, there are many adoring dads to their adoptive children. Richard will be the one raising their son - he will be Fraser's daddy.

tinkstoddleriswalking Wed 17-Mar-10 11:31:04

ye i agree the nurse form doctors or donna from holby.
il uved the younger couple so cute toghether and shenagh gr8

MaisietheMorningsideCat Wed 17-Mar-10 11:10:31

Watched this with a quivering lip and a tear in my eye from start to finish. Both Dads were wonderful - hope it's all going well for them.

sweetkitty Wed 17-Mar-10 11:05:53

Couldn't get up to the pc last night as SPD was killing me.

Why do I watch this programme? 7 weeks and I have to do it all again.

Loved both couples, did wonder about Penny having the IVs in as it looked like she had a completely drug free birth! I have never had an IV in for any of mine (had G&A all 3 times though) too fast for anything else.

When Ben told her it was a girl (huge sob alert)

dawntigga Wed 17-Mar-10 10:50:24

I heart both mums last night and I double heart Richard


candyfluff Wed 17-Mar-10 09:49:36

loved last nights one born every minute - lovely couples and gorgeous babies didnt penny and ben's baby look like penny !! cried my eyes out he was so sweet with her during labour.
poor shelagh - that is what happened to my sister a code 1 emcs she really struggled to come to terms with it all sad

Eglu Wed 17-Mar-10 09:19:46

I couldn't come on here last night while watching, but that episode had to be the best yet.

Lovely parents all round.. WOnderful supportive Dads. Poor Richard looked so worried when waiting for news from the emcs.

Ben was also so lovely and sweet. REally great episode.

JollyPirate Wed 17-Mar-10 08:00:41

Awww! I missed you all last night. ExDH was here seeing DS and went off with the laptop so that "you can watch that bloody birth programme in peace"hmm.

I didn't quite have the heart to say "Er.... actually... I usually MN when I am watching the bloody birth programme".

Have enjoyed the thread over a cup of coffee this morning. Really enjoyed last night's programme - thought Richard was just lovely. Penny and Ben were fantastic - dig the "up on all fours" position for birth - one of my faves as a midwife - along wiht the standing up positions.

So - will see you all next week.

littledawley Wed 17-Mar-10 07:56:13

Ahh, thanks EightiesChick! I just love to know what they are called!

EightiesChick Tue 16-Mar-10 22:52:55

It's taken a bit of poking around but there's a video on the C4 website titled 'Penny bonds with new baby Isla'. It's here.

littledawley Tue 16-Mar-10 22:39:13

Does anyone know what Penny called her baby? I hate it when they don't say their names!!

fin54 Tue 16-Mar-10 22:20:33

Where do you find out what next weeks is about ?

Slartybartfast Tue 16-Mar-10 22:15:49

i must re-read it, i bought the trilogy of four recently but time you know? and lack of..

Waswondering Tue 16-Mar-10 22:14:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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