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One Born Every Minute - 16.3.10 at 9pm

(358 Posts)
FabIsDoingPrettyWell Tue 16-Mar-10 19:28:23

Don't forget.

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 16-Mar-10 21:13:25

We're all piling over from last week's thread...

pigleychez Tue 16-Mar-10 21:14:41

When my waters broke the stupid mw said very patronisingly "oh i dont think so dear" only when she leant across my sopping wet bed and got a wet top did she say " oh, you were right then" hmm I should of got her to sniff it!

maxpower Tue 16-Mar-10 21:14:51

Dinah is it the nurse on that GP programme on BBC1 in the afternoon - is it called Doctors?

PlumBumMum Tue 16-Mar-10 21:14:56

move up for a little one I wish

loving the midwife

WillowM2B Tue 16-Mar-10 21:15:34

Shelagh is great grin

I love this series. Dont want it to end!

PlumBumMum Tue 16-Mar-10 21:15:57

Have we seen the other couple yet, I always seem to miss the very start

CrankyTwanky Tue 16-Mar-10 21:16:04

She does seem cool.

SawneyBeane Tue 16-Mar-10 21:17:55

I feel bad.

I was supposed to record this for DP but can't work the dvd thingy.

Poor DP.

Oscy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:18:23

I want Michelle to be my midwife if I ever have another baby.

McDreamy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:18:50

PMSL grin

PlumBumMum Tue 16-Mar-10 21:18:57

Have you been in there Richardgrin

PictureThis Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:15

'Have you been in there Richard?' ROFL

blametheparents Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:20

PLease no bonking in the delivery room!

spilttheteaagain Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:22

"Have you been in there Richard PMSL" grin

I like this trio

DinahRod Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:28

Yesss! Max Power, you are a genius, that's exactly who she reminds me of DonnaLeigh Bailey but it might be more to do with her voice and manner.

Alambil Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:45

PMSL @ Richard

mamazon Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:53

i loved her advice of "when labour starts you wont want to talk to richard, or laugh at his jokes"

no darling, you will want to rip his bollocks from his groin, liquidise them and feed them back to him through a tube

Oscy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:19:59

Oh bloody hell....rofl

blametheparents Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:09

They've all goen slightly mad!

McDreamy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:09

She's a scream! grin

PictureThis Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:13

this is so funny

PlumBumMum Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:16

I think she might take her contractions her stride bet she dosen't need to go home

spilttheteaagain Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:30

x posts with everyone else!

McDreamy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:56

She also reminds me a bit of Donna from Holby City

PommePoire Tue 16-Mar-10 21:20:58

Hello all! Only just found you all. Penny and Ben and what are the first couple's names Richard and ...?

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