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One Born Every Minute - 16.3.10 at 9pm

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FabIsDoingPrettyWell Tue 16-Mar-10 19:28:23

Don't forget.

Lubyloo Tue 16-Mar-10 19:32:11

Love Tuesday nights because of this programme! smile

McDreamy Tue 16-Mar-10 19:33:11

I'll be there

PandaEis Tue 16-Mar-10 19:36:26

im in work til 10 but its on record on the V+grin i LOVE this programmesmile

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 16-Mar-10 19:40:44

Message withdrawn

lazycow007 Tue 16-Mar-10 19:43:18

Never miss it. Tuesday nights are so cool as Jo Frost is on just before!!!

DorotheaPlenticlew Tue 16-Mar-10 20:03:22


wannaBe Tue 16-Mar-10 20:10:24

what is it?

DesperateHousewife21 Tue 16-Mar-10 20:17:32

Its on the planner every week even though I never miss it. Cant wait!

Megglevache Tue 16-Mar-10 20:20:07

I miss Joy(less) grin

CrankyTwanky Tue 16-Mar-10 20:36:53

Marking place.

Is this the one I'm usually on, or are you a different lot?hmm
I know JollyPirate and BSM are on it!


Maleeka Tue 16-Mar-10 20:53:53

Joy's was the funniest labour i've ever seen grin

I'm actually gonna watch this live for a change, it'll get the kids off to bed early grin

McDreamy Tue 16-Mar-10 20:59:57

Here we go grin.......well nearly!

pigleychez Tue 16-Mar-10 21:02:38

oh i hate the titles to this programme.. that first long moan makes me cringe!

DesperateHousewife21 Tue 16-Mar-10 21:02:50

Im missing it cos DP is playing bloody fifa, well its on sky + but I want to watch it NOW!

spilttheteaagain Tue 16-Mar-10 21:04:16

Evening ladies

KernowMother Tue 16-Mar-10 21:04:31

Here we go grin love this prgramme, even tho it makes me mad as hell!

CrankyTwanky Tue 16-Mar-10 21:08:33

OOh I wonder if she'll get a voucher or free cocktails!

spilttheteaagain Tue 16-Mar-10 21:09:39

Hiding to sniff the pad! grin

gemmummy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:09:41

can i sniff it? pmsl.

Rockbird Tue 16-Mar-10 21:10:56

It's complicated already and we're only 10 minutes in!

mamazon Tue 16-Mar-10 21:11:09

no one wanted to sniff my waters!

Oscy Tue 16-Mar-10 21:12:48

Sniff sniff...cripes but lol

DinahRod Tue 16-Mar-10 21:12:49

Unusual situation.

Michelle the mw reminds me of someone, who?

Katz Tue 16-Mar-10 21:12:57

loving it this evening - bit miffed my midwife went for the common-old garden swab to check my waters had gone!

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